Happy Owl Studio iPad Cases are Now Available for Order

It’s not every day that someone successfully reinvents the wheel, but when it happens it can be a sight to behold … and that is essentially what Happy Owl Studios has attempted to do when it comes to iPad cases. Rather than coming out with a simple sleeve or even a back-covering shell, Happy Owl has created three fully protective cases which not only look fabulous, two of them are also folios. Let’s take a look …

I’ll cover the most simple case first — the $49.99 Wallet Lite. This book cover style is available in the very businesslike black or brown, but the contrasting stitching helps to break up the “no monkey-business” attitude. This one is actually my favorite, and if I can get it confirmed that the stitching on the brown one is indeed green (as it appears in the above photo), then I will simply have to order one.

Polished, simple and very cool, The Wallet Lite protects your iPad, is loaded with style and feels buttery soft in your hands. Simple, but brilliant.
(Shipping: June)

The $64.99 Clutch is a portfolio style case which might allow women who don’t need much more than their wallet, phone and iPad to carry just one item. I like the pleats running down the front; they create an interesting textured effect. I would like to see a picture of the Clutch closed while loaded with iPhone, pens, MiFi, etc, but in the meantime here is one that appears to only be holding the iPad it’s available in red or blue.

Basically, it’s perfect. Not only will it keep your iPad happy, but it will keep you organized too. There are pockets for cash and change, credit cards, business cards, pens, a stylus, a passport and a mobile phone. Plus, you’ll still have room in the larger pocket for your lipgloss, MiFi, keys and more! The Clutch holds everything the modern woman needs on the go.
(Shipping: June)

The $64.99 Wallet is the more masculine version of the clutch, and I am loving the grainy texture of the black or brown leather. I also like how there are cutouts so you don’t have to remove the cases when charging or performing any other basic functions.

Same basic design as The Clutch, but without the pleats for a sleek look. The Wallet has pockets for cash and change, credit cards, business cards, pens, a stylus, a passport and a mobile phone. Plus, you’ll still have plenty of extra space in the larger pocket for your MiFi, keys and more! Style and function united.
(Shipping: June)

You can find the Clutch, Wallet and Wallet Lite at Happy Owl Studio.

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