WWDC Keynote Roundup…

WWDC Keynote Roundup...

Well, today’s the day. After much anticipation Steve Jobs has finally taken the platform and is ready to announce all sorts of new goodies. Over the last few years WWDC has become the launchpad for some of Apple’s more significant items and upgrades. And it’s no surprise that today is once again serving such a purpose.

Much of the anticipation was reduced by the week next generation iPhone that made its way to Gizmodo and cause the whole ruckus in recent weeks but even still, there remained a host of unknowns about the phone as well as what else Apple might have a share.

Even the logo for the event today made it clear that OS iPhone was going to be taking center stage. But that doesn’t mean that it’s only OS iPhone.

While none of us were actually able to be in San Francisco we then the following word for word both as a gadget lovers and as tech bloggers. So here’s what has been revealed.

(We will be updating this post while Steve Jobs is on stage and then offer the Roundup when everything has been revealed.)

Steve Jobs came out at 10:01 to thunderous applause. There is no doubt that he’s the man in charge of the ship once again.

There are 5200 attendees at the conference from 57 different countries. The conference sold out in just over eight days.

Steve started with an update on the iPad.

Steve started off by sharing one of the e-mails he recently received from a new iPad owner. It’s a cute little e-mail but also a smart move since it highlights the fact that Steve has been reaching out to device users via e-mail. Smart man he is!

Today they sold over 2 million of the devices.

There are currently 8500 apps for the device and a total of 35 million applications have been downloaded for it.

The devices currently available in 10 countries and will be a 19 by July.

Steve just took a shot at Google with an e-mail from the developer of the “elements” app- “iron and more on sales of my app in the first day that I did in five years through Google advertising.”

Apple will be adding an update that will allow PDF viewing it through the iBooks app! NICE!! It’ll be out later this month.

The App Store

Next he moved onto the app store. He’s making it clear that they support two different platforms. There is the standard app store which they jury and there’s the HTML 5 approach which he is referring to as “completely open, uncontrolled”.

(Clearly he’s trying to make the point that there is not a total lockdown on what you can get onto your device. Interesting attempt I’m not sure how successful it is.)

(He’s also on the defensive about about the process of approving applications for the device.)

They get 15,000 applications submitted each and every week and they come in a total of 30 different languages. 95% of applications are approved within seven days.

The reasons they don’t approve applications–

Applications don’t do what they say they do. They use private APIs or the app crashes.

(In other words, on a percentage basis they’re doing pretty well with the speed of application approval and when they don’t approve an application it’s “to protect us”.)

Netflix for iPhone coming this summer! and shows will be in sync the way books are with Kindle.

Farmville for iPhone!


iPhone has over 58% of the mobile browsing in the US.

Android is just below 28%

New one called- iPhone 4

100 new features.

All new design

24% thinner

“Thinnest smartphone on the market”

9.3 mm

Glass on the front and on the back

The bands on the sides are not seams but part of the antenna.

4 times pixel density. 960 by 640

326 pixels per inch (human retina has 300)

The clarity is amazing!

3.8″ display

What does it mean for apps? Existing apps look better and still run on the iPhone 4.

Powered by the A4 chip. Micro sim card because they needed the space

Biggest component is the battery

7 hours talk time

6 browsing

10 hours video

40 hours music

WiFi n

32GB storage max

dual mic noise suppression


New Camera

5mp sensor

5x digital zoom

LED flash


HD Video 720p at 30fps!!!!

LED stays on when doing video recording

iMovie for iPhone!!! including transitions and titles

Ability to export in a variety of sizes

iOS4- no longer called OS iPhone

MultiTasking as promised

Adding Bing as search engine choice

Bringing iBooks to iPhone

“FaceTime” Video Calling

WiFi only!

White and Black

$199 for 16GB

$299 for 32GB

On Sale June 24

New 8GB 3GS for $99

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