Incipio’s Trina Turk iPhone 6 Plus Case Review: Beautiful Protection

It’s not often that you’ll come across a case for the iPhone 6 Plus that is protective, svelte, fashionable, and reasonably priced, but the Trina Turk iPhone case line accomplishes all that and more. Wisely leaving their base case production to the very accomplished folks at Incipio, these cases feature Trina Turk‘s eye-pleasing patterns.

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This case design is called Croco; it’s my current favorite.

I was sent two designs: Croco and Fall 2 Floral; when I first received them I liked them both, but it was pretty evident early on that the Croco pattern really appealed to me. It looks more like an abstract lizard design to me than crocodile, but that’s splitting hairs.

These Trina Turk iPhone cases are based on Incipio’s DualPro (“hard shell case with impact absorbing core“) design. There is a largish brass Trina Turk medallion on the back of each phone; you will either hate it or love it. I’ll admit that it took me a minute to get used to it, but a friend said it made the case look even more “designer”, so there you go.

When I reviewed the DualPro Shine for the iPhone 6, I really liked the style, but the Trina Turk version takes it all to a whole new level. The shock resistant inner core is still present …

… but the impact resistant Plextonium polycarbonate frames feature bright, vivid Trina Turk patterns.

One the inner core and outer layer are installed, the iPhone 6 Plus is perfectly protected on every corner, and there is even a bit of face-down protection around the screen.

The thing that I like so much about these Trina Turk iPhone cases, beyond the fact that they are so pretty and they add hardly any bulk to an already large-ish phone, is that their rubber core doesn’t seem to pick up any lint or stray colors from being slid in and out of my bag or jeans’ pocket. I’ve used other cases that put rubber frames around the iPhone’s screen, and I’ve noticed that over time they would discolor or start looking grungy and worn. I’ve had the Croco case on my iPhone since receiving it, and it looks as new today as it did the day I opened the package. My iPhone has survived several serious drops (flat on its back and on one corner or another) while in this case, and yet there isn’t even a scratch on the phone or the case!

If you are looking for an iPhone 6 Plus case that is pretty and protective, you can’t go wrong with any of the Trina Turk by Incipio designs. I’m eyeballing the Hayward designIncipio's Trina Turk iPhone 6 Plus Case Review: Beautiful Protection on Amazon, but I’m not sure if I necessarily need another black and white case. Oh, who am I trying to kid? Since when does needing anything have to do with being fashionable? 😛

The Trina Turk iPhone 6 Plus Cases retail for $29 – $40; certain styles are available from the Trina Turk site, and others (iPhone 5 and up) can be found on AmazonIncipio's Trina Turk iPhone 6 Plus Case Review: Beautiful Protection [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Gorgeous, long-lasting designs on a fashionable and protective case; dual protective layers that can survive corner and flat back drops;

What Needs Improvement: Phone can be a little bit difficult to remove from the case (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing); styles are not easy to find in one place, so prices vary wildly; large Trina Turk label on back may bother some

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