Review: Nixon Newton Satisfies My Inner-Geek

Review:  Nixon Newton Satisfies My Inner-Geek

I’ve always wanted a Tokyo Flash watch but just haven’t pulled the trigger and ordered one. Partly because their designs are so intricate I’m worried I won’t be able to figure them out and partly because I’m a person that doesn’t like waiting. I need that immediate satisfaction.

So when I stumbled upon the Nixon Newton while shopping at my local mall the other day I snatched one up.

The Newton features a two-hand quartz movement with an LED light and rotating disc. No numbers on this watch. You’ll actually have to think about the time when you glance at it.

The watch comes in eight different color choices. I opted for green, but there’s also pink, black, white, purple, yellow, blue and black/white//sunrise.

Review:  Nixon Newton Satisfies My Inner-Geek

The watch’s case is made from molded polycarbonate and it features a hardened mineral crystal. The band is one piece, custom injected silicone and features a patented locking looper and polycarbonate buckle.

That’s a lot of fancy mumbo-jumbo for saying this watch is incredibly light weight and super comfortable. Once I slip it on I hardly know it’s even there.

Review:  Nixon Newton Satisfies My Inner-Geek

The watch features a LED light which is triggered by a button above the crown.

Review:  Nixon Newton Satisfies My Inner-Geek

The light glows bluish in color. It helps with viewing the time at both day and night.

Review:  Nixon Newton Satisfies My Inner-Geek

Telling time on the watch isn’t difficult. I’d venture to say it’s easier than some of the Tokyo Flash styles and that this might be good “training” watch before making the jump to one of their more intricate designs. The large circle points to the hour while the smaller the minutes.

The face is somewhat mirrored though and its prone to glare. I do find myself having to place my wrist in a certain angle to get the best view of the face.

Review:  Nixon Newton Satisfies My Inner-Geek

At $99 the Nixon Newton is an affordable way to break into the world of “geek” watches. I can’t stress enough how comfortable this watch is to wear. It’s light weight and form fitting which results in a watch that sits on your wrist with zero discomfort.

Check out the entire line of Nixon watches by visiting their web site here.

M.S.R.P. – $100

What I like – Super comfortable, good geek factor, wide variety of color choices, affordable.

What I don’t like – Mirrored face can be hard to see at times.

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