HoodieBuddie, Headphones With You 24/7 Review


We all love our ScotteVest clothing here at Gear Diary. One of the coolest features of SeV wear is the ability to take a set of ear buds and wire them through the garment so they’re always there when you need them. The only issue is the fact that you then have to dedicate a set of headphones to this task – wiring them up each time you want to use them isn’t practical.

Enter the HoodieBuddie. The HoodieBuddie looks like any old hooded sweatshirt. But it’s not. Using their patent-pending HB3T technology the HoodieBuddie contains a standard headphone jack hidden in the front pocket that plugs into any headphone compatible device (Mp3 player, cell phone etc.)


SeV clothing works the same but you use the plug from your own cord wired to a pocket.. But here’s where the similarities between the HoodieBuddie and SeV end. Once you’ve plugged in your device the sound travels through the embedded cable within the HoodieBuddie to the headphones which are built in to the ends of the drawstrings.


The HoodieBuddie is available in several different color variations in both men’s and women’s sizes. It’s machine washable too – even the headphones. Each HoodieBuddie comes with a few sets of replacement rubber ear tips in case they get lost. The sweatshirt itself is soft and comfortable and I found the sizing true to form.

While the earbuds aren’t the greatest quality in the world, at only $44 would you really expect them to be? The HoodieBuddie is a great companion for the gym, plane, commuting, or anywhere where you think a set of earbuds might come in handy. I found the sweatshirt comfortable to wear and the earbuds of acceptable quality.

I reviewed the HoodieBuddie on my YouTube channel as well. Check out the video review below.

Just be prepared to deal with the strange looks from passersby as they stare at you wondering why you have your draw strings in your ears.

You can learn more about the HoodieBuddie and even order one of your own by visiting the company’s website here.

MSRP: $44

What I Like: Comfortable, allows me to always have a set of earbuds with me.

What Needs Improvement: Earbuds are the best sounding.

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