Waterfield Unveils Two Ways To Protect Your iPhone 4


Just because you can’t get through Apple’s servers to order your new iPhone 4 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t and can’t make arrangements for it when (if??) it ever arrives. Fortunately Waterfield is rolling out some protection for the new iPhone. Right now there are two offerings but I suspect more will be on the way.

The nice thing about both of Waterfield’s initial offerings is that they are slip case that protect the phone when it is in your bag or pocket but slide off the phone during use. In light of the iPhone 4’s sleek design I suspect a lot of us will be more inclined to use our iPhones sans case more than ever so these will be a great choice.


The first is the iPhone Smart Case.

According to Waterfield…

Get Smart. The design looks simple, but the intent is hard-core protection without the bulk. Multi-layered padding includes a high-impact, rigid insert and an Ultrasuede® scratch-free liner. At under-an-inch thin, this case sports luxurious padding to keep your iPhone 3GS/3G or iPhone 4 snug and secure, yet quickly accessible. No visible stitching keeps the case looking sleek and smooth. All Smart Cases come with a low-profile pocket that can hold your ear buds or credit cards. Choose from the six new colors with eco-friendly distressed leather trim.

The Smart Case is available in three varieties: one that easily slips into your jeans pocket, one with flaps that attach to your shoulder strap, and one with a clip to clip onto your belt or bag. Prices for the iPhone 4 version start at $39. For more information or to order visit the site’s iPhone Smart Case page.


Next is the iPhone Suede Jacket.

As the Waterfield site explains…

Thin is in! This Ultrasuede® slipcase prevents scratches and minor dings on your iPhone. The elasticity of the pocket keeps it flat when empty but it’s stretchy enough to hold your bluetooth or earbuds safely. The low-profile Suede Jacket slides easily into your shirt or jeans pocket. It comes in two perfect fitting sizes—one for the iPhone 4 and one for the iPhone 3GS/3G—with or without a pocket. Choose yours in classic black or…take a walk on the wild side with our hot new animal prints.

The iPhone Suede Jacket comes in a number of sizes so it will fit perfectly on your iPhone 4 regardless of whether you are carrying it with or without Apple’s “bumper”. Make sure to choose carefully when ordering based on how you plan to carry your iPhone. The Suede Jacket starts at $10 without a pocket or $14 with one. The Ocelot and Zebra prints cost $2 more. For information, more images or to order visit the iPhone Suede Jacket page over at sfbags.

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