AKG N5005 Headphones Flaunt Studio Quality Sound and a Brilliant Design

AKG has been breaking barriers in audio technology for years, and the company looks to expand their popular N-Series with their AKG N5005 headphones.

AKG N5005 Headphones Flaunt Studio Quality Sound and a Brilliant Design

Flaunting studio quality sound and a brilliant design, the N5005 were made with precision, courtesy of AKG working with sound curves and frequency responses to give an optimal sound quality that listeners will love.

Certified for Hi-Red Audio by the Japan Audio Society, the N5005 feature AKG’s patented sound filter technology with translates to studio quality music instead of the typical CD-quality norms of other brands. With five 9.2 + Quad BA drivers, four sound filters and eight-hour battery life, you can get through a full day at work comfortably. And with the option of normal ear tips or SpinFit ear tips, you’ll hear deep bass and rich mid-ranges, depending on your music. Coming complete with a carrying case and an additional flight adapter, there’s much to love about the AKG N5005. Now, the price — At $999.95 it’s pretty hefty, but you know my motto is “you get what you pay for”, and AKG never disappoints. Available in the Spring, you can visit AKG.com for more information.

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