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June 25, 2010 • News

Huawei S7-A Non-Crappy Android Tablet?

It’s almost too good to be true. After months and months of mediocre tablets with resistive touchscreens and underpowered processors running outdated versions of Android, Huawei is potentially stepping up and saving us all. Supposedly, the S7 will have a speedy 728mhz Snapdragon, Android 2.1 and (drumroll please) a CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN!!! Finally, someone is releasing an Android tablet that will function as well as Android phones.

Expansys will be selling them for around $345 in the USA, and while that’s steep compared to an iPad, it’s reasonable if you want a 7 inch Android tablet. Frankly, if you really want one, I’d hold out for the Huawei over the Archos tablets or the Camangi Webstation. Android 2.1 and a capacitive screen are going to make this feel like a big phone, rather than a piece of sub-par hardware with Android crammed along for the ride. Now, it’s no (severely delayed) Notion Ink Adam Tablet, or mystery (possibly non-existent) Google tablet, but hopefully it’s enough to quell any Android tablet cravings you might have.

Personally, I’m a bit torn, as I am told nearly constantly by everyone I know how amazing the iPad is, but I firmly believe a solid Android tablet would be great as well. Whether the Huawei is the item I’ll gamble on is another story, but it’s certainly worth watching…

Will you be taking the plunge and trying the Huawei S7? Share your thoughts below!

Via Liliputing (And be sure to check out Carrypad’s extensive coverage!)

3 Responses to " Huawei S7-A Non-Crappy Android Tablet? "

  1. Giant Gizmo says:

    Huawei S7-A Non-Crappy Android Tablet?

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    RT @geardiary: Huawei S7-A Non-Crappy Android Tablet? #Android Devices #UMPC / Tablet PCs

  3. alslayer says:

    The Huawei looks very nice. But after getting the archos I think I will save my pennies for a viliv x70.

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