A Declaration on Independence Discovery


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A Declaration on Independence Discovery Listen to this article


In a fascinating use of modern technology, a high-resolution camera has revealed what can only be described as the use of “white-out” correction fluid on the Declaration of Independence. According to a post on BoingBoing a draft of the Declaration originally used the word “subjects” to refer to those living in the emerging nation. Thomas Jefferson Thought twice about using the word, scratched it out and changed it to “citizens”.


My grandpa Alex came to America in 1917. He was so proud to be here that he promptly changed his birthday to July 4th. Jefferson’s word-smithing of the Declaration is a good reminder of why my grandpa, and millions of others, left everything they knew behind in order to make a new life for themselves and their descendants here in the US.


On this July 4th it is worth taking a moment to remember that, despite all its issues, those of us living here in the States have truly been given a gift.

via Huffington Post via BoingBoing

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