Review: Mezzi LUXslim Laptop Case. Strong Enough for Everyday Protection, Classy Enough for 007

When it comes to protection for my gadgets, I spare no expense and tend to get a little OCD about it. It’s pretty common here on GearDiary to see reviews and postings about cases, screen protectors and bags for our gear. When Mezzi contacted us about reviewing an aluminum laptop case I was pretty excited. If I’m not using one of my many soft cases to transport my laptop then I’m using my Pelican hard plastic case to for maximum protection. The Pelican case is big and bulky, so I was excited to get my hands on a Mezzi LUXslim Black Aluminum laptop case. I had a week long business trip to really put the case through the paces and do my best to find out if it could take a beating like my plastic Pelican case. Here is a look.

Case Specs:

Interior Description:

  • Padded black nylon interior
  • New zig-zag interior
  • Two disk compartments
  • Four pen holders + business cards
  • Innovative new WideGrip interior strap
  • 3 velcro dividers

Exterior Description:

  • Pin-style connectors for new shoulder strap
  • Silver dust/protection bag
  • Three digit central combination lock
  • Lined-style black aluminum
Interior: 16.5\” x 11.4\” x 2.2\”
Exterior: 17.5\” x 12.5\” x 3\”
Product Weight: 4.00 lbs

The Mezzi LUXslim Black Aluminum laptop case came in a slim cardboard box that was a little beat up from shipping. I was worried until I opened the box and found the case surrounded by foam on all sides and secure in a protective cloth sleeve. Despite the damage to the shipping box the case was well protected and the finish was flawless. After an initial inspection I noticed that the case was all aluminum except for the corners and bottom feet. They were made of hard plastic. This makes sense since the feet and corners are prone to abuse. Such a design choice may well help prevent dents and scratches during daily abuse.

The case has a standard 3 digit combination lock to keep your laptop and documents locked and protected.

The exterior of the case is matte black finish with a ribbed pattern on both sides of the case. I like the ribbed pattern and think it gives the case a little grip, keeping it from sliding on slick surfaces. In addition this is more aesthetically appealing rather than if it were just smooth aluminum. Either way the exterior is quite rigid and solid.

During my testing I did my best to stress the hinges and twist the top but the hinge arms and bottom hinges are rock solid. This speaks to the quality build of the case. I also wanted to test all the seams of the case so I pressed down on them with a good bit of force. I felt little if any flexing and no separation at all.  In addition, the handle is sturdy and the latch mechanism is smooth and solid. The only thing protruding from the case are the small rivets on the sides which are there for attaching the shoulder strap.

The interior of the case has a thin nylon sheen bottom and felt sides. The included velcro divider strips allow you configure the inside of your case to your liking- and notebook specifications. There is also a large velcro hold down strap that helps keep the laptop from sliding around while in transit.  I used a 14″ Dell E series laptop so the 15.6″ case was a perfect size for the case. It easily carried the notebook and allowed me to put the power supply, mouse, Zune HD and my small planner in with room to spare.

The inside top of the case has an organizer for pens, paperwork and whatever other small items you need to carry. The dividers felt firm and sturdy. They should stand up to a good bit of use and abuse. The case also features some nice interior details such as protecting the latch mechanism with felt, countersunk hinge arms and more. All help keep your gear from getting scratched up.

I used the case the entire week of travel and didn’t hold back one bit. Yes, I used and abused it. It was quick and easy to open up for airport screening, and easily fit under the seat during takeoff and landing. During my week of testing the only damage the case took were some exterior cosmetic nicks and dings. At the end of the week the finish was still in good shape but some minor signs of wear began to show up. In fairness, this case took some pretty serious abuse so I really can’t complain. Moreover, it kept my laptop and the other items I placed inside well protected. During the week it fell off my desk, became a seat, and even endured my standing on it. (I didn’t NEEd to but I did want to see how much of a beating it could take.) It passed all the durability tests I put it through with ease and kept everything inside safe and sound.

Bottom line… I absolutely loved this case. Yes, it does look a bit 007ish… and most people I ran into asked me why it wasn’t handcuffed to my wrist but it served me well and that’s all I need to know. Whether you are a secret agent working undercover, a super fancy businessman, or just a regular guy wanting a killer case for you laptop the Mezzi is worth a look. The cases are relatively inexpensive, extremely sturdy and, above, all look great.

What I liked:

  • solid, lightweight aluminum construction
  • sturdy spring-loaded latch
  • customizable dividers to fit your laptop
  • multi pocket organizer underneath lid
  • matte black finish

What I would like to see improved:

  • a few nicks and scratches after a week’s use (totally depends on the user, i tend to be hard on my equipment)

*Check out the website for more cases, colors, and sizes. I want to thank Jeremy at Mezzi for sending this great case out to us for review.

Mezzi Aluminum Briefcases and Metal Laptop cases

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