An iPhone 4 Jingle That Offers… Perspective

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An iPhone 4 Jingle That Offers... Perspective Listen to this article


We’ll all be watching later today to see what Jobs and company have to say about the iPhone 4 antenna issue. (Quick recap for those living under a rock… if you take your iPhone 4 out of the case that you ought to be keeping it in and touch it in just the right spot or squeeze it hard you MAY see the signal drop off.)

So what will Apple say today? Your bet is as good as ours but at least we’ll know in a few hours.

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Throughout this entire episode Larry has made one consistent point. Time and again in conversation after conversation Larry has pointed out the simple truth that… if you don’t like it don’t buy it and if you buy it and aren’t happy return it.

This same point has now been immortalized in song by jingle writer Jonathan Mann. He makes the point well and… the jingle isn’t half bad. Enjoy…

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