Random Cool Video – ‘Balloon Accelerator’ Made From Dyson Bladeless Fans


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Random Cool Video - 'Balloon Accelerator' Made From Dyson Bladeless Fans Listen to this article

Random Cool Video - 'Balloon Accelerator' Made From Dyson Bladeless Fans

If you have ever used any of the products by British inventor James Dyson (who also does his own commercials), you know they are pretty cool. At Gear Diary we are all about technology that is cool, so this video immediately grabbed our attention.

The image at the top shows how the fan technology works in terms of the mechanics, and the image below shows the flow-front produced. The fan draws in random air from behind and pushes it out with 15x the force in a nicely focused beam.

Random Cool Video - 'Balloon Accelerator' Made From Dyson Bladeless Fans

Using the focused draw and push of the fan design, folks at Make magazine put together a ton of the fans and an interestingly custom filled and trimmed balloon – which I assume was done to make the balloon very round and so it would neither float nor drop – and let the fan do all of the work guiding it through what looks almost like a particle accelerator!

The other thing about Dyson products is they are rather expensive … at ~$250 each at retail I don’t see myself replicating this test at home anytime soon! So for now the video of Make Online having fun is what we have – check it out!
Source: Make Online

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