SGP Skin Guard Review

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SGP Skin Guard Review

Many of us like to keep our iPhones as sleek as possible.  I personally prefer to use my iPhone 4 naked.  But I also know that it’s just not practical to do so.  I want to keep my iPhone looking as new as possible not only because I enjoy looking at “minty-fresh” gadgets but I also realize that in under a year Apple will be most likely be coming out with the next generation iPhone and I’ll most likely be selling this one to finance the new.  The better condition a phone is in the more money it fetches in re-sale.

SGP has been making screen shields for the iPhone for quite sometime and they are regarded by many as the best.  I have to agree.  If you like the traditional screen shield (dry install) both their crystal clear and anti-fingerprint are about the best you can buy.

I recently picked up a SGP Skin Guard kit in Carbon Fiber and installed it on my iPhone 4.  The Skin Guard comes with a back skin as well as a crystal clear front shield.  The package sells for $17.99 which is great deal considering you get both front and back protection.  I’ve teamed the kit up with the Apple Bumper case for what I think is one really sharp looking combination.

The Skin Guard is available in Carbon Fiber, Cubes, Black Leather, White Leather and coming soon in Brown Leather and Wood.

Check out my full review of the Skin Guard kit below, taken from my YouTube channel and then head to the SGP store to learn more.

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