QRANK for iPhone/Touch App Review

QRANK for iPhone/Touch App Review

I am currently back hard at work.  We have begun football season and are in the middle of 2-a-day workouts which takes pretty close to every waking hour of the coaches.  With that said, many of my usual daily entertainment is left behind for things like eating and showering because the loss of free time.  QRANK has stepped in to the rescue.  It is a daily short quiz that includes current events and common knowledge subjects.  The quiz is entertaining, challenging and only takes a few minutes to complete.

QRANK for iPhone/Touch App Review

Open QRANK each day to complete the daily quiz and compare your score with friends and other players.  The QRANK board contains 20 fresh daily questions of which you choose 15 to answer.  The questions are separated into three point categories.  As the point totals are higher, the questions become more difficult.  Choose wisely though since there are more lower point questions then high point.  I tend to leave out my five questions from the lower points even though they are noticeably easier.  Once the question is posed, a timer counts down.  As the time slips away, the possible points for a correct answer lower.  Answer each question as quickly as possible for maximum points.

QRANK for iPhone/Touch App Review

Seven subjects of questions will fill the quiz.  They include:  Entertainment, Life, Literature, History and Places, Science and Nature, Sports and Business and government.  Of course my favorite categories are History and Places and Sports since I am a history teacher and coach!  Each day the questions are new and fresh.  I was surprised how many of the answers I knew just from reading the news in the morning so I recommend to take the daily quiz after you have read or watched the morning news.  Mixed throughout the question board are power ups and bonuses.  Choose wisely to really raise your score possibility.  A large list of awards are also available.  In one day I earned the Hot Hand award which is answering five questions in a row.  Just as I began to congratulate myself, I earned the Spicoli award.  This one means you blew five questions in a row.  LOL

QRANK for iPhone/Touch App Review

For the social network fans out there, Twitter and Facebook support is built in.  Each day after the quiz you will be asked if you want to post your results to your Facebook wall or send them as a Tweet.  Signing into Facebook also lets the app search for friends.  My list is small right now, but has slowly grown as more people install the app and sign into Facebook.  Once all of your friends are on board, it becomes a fight for bragging rights each day.

QRANK for iPhone/Touch App Review

If you love trivia like me and want a quick 5 minute escape each day, QRANK is a must have application.  Get your friends involved and compare scores to make it more competitive.  The questions are fun and challenging and include current events even from that day.  Even though the game is just a quick escape, improving each day will bring more awards and accomplishments.  Best of all, QRANK is totally FREE!  Go get it here in the app store and see how you stack up as a trivia master.

What I like: Fun, short quiz that includes daily news questions so it feels fresh all of the time.

What could be improved: I would like the ability to answer 15 questions anytime, even if the score did not count and the questions were from random days.

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