The MoviePeg for iPad Review

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There are a lot of stands currently available for the iPad. Many of them however, are both expensive and hard to carry. A while back I told you about the MoviePeg for the iPhone. This compact and easy to carry stand is not only inexpensive but small enough to be toted around almost anywhere. The new iPad version is now available in two distinct colors, black and a very limited edition orange and priced at only $19.95 it’s the perfect stand for every iPad owner.

The iPad version of the MoviePeg consists of two similar pieces. On the back of each piece you’ll find a tongue and groove type system that locks the two pieces together so that they are easily both stored and carried.



When you’re ready to use the MoviePeg simply separate the two halves and place one on either side of your iPad.

The MoviePeg allows you to view your iPad both in the horizontal or in the landscape position.



While it may not be the most glamorous iPad stand I’ve seen it’s just as functional as any I’ve used and cheaper than all the rest. The MoviePeg is small enough to be stored in a gear bag or even in one’s pocket. It’s durable too so it should last the life of your iPad.  While it doesn’t offer a ton of different viewing angles the MoviePeg is a great choice if you don’t have the cash to shell out for one of the more pricier iPad stand or you’re looking for one that’s ultra-portable.

You can learn more about the MoviePeg or grab one of your own by visiting the company’s homepage here.

M. S. R. P. – $19.95

What I like – inexpensive, small, easily carried.

What I don’t like – doesn’t offer a ton of angles for viewing.

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