Cami Secret Is Your Safeguard Against Woody Allen!

Cami Secret Is Your Safeguard Against Woody Allen!

Even as a man I sometimes find myself uncomfortable and embarrassed in business situations when men who should know better show their respect for their highly educated and proficient female colleagues much as Woody Allen is showing his respect for Scarlett Johansson.

Hopefully we are long past the point where someone would actually suggest that by wearing a low cut shirt a woman is ‘asking for’ untoward glances … yet somehow I doubt it.

Whether it is to avoid wandering eyes or to simply feel more professional and covered up while still wearing a favorite shirt you would otherwise not wear to work, sometimes women choose to wear a tank top or camisole as an undershirt. The problem is all that layering gets cumbersome, and depending on your work situation can get quite warm during the summer months.

Enter the Cami Secret – sort of like an updated Dickie, this small piece of fabric attaches to bra straps and provides the coverage of a camisole, and is even adjustable in height!

From the product description:

Is your closet overstuffed because you only feel comfortable wearing certain pieces out at night and feel that they are too revealing for the office. With Cami Secret you can take your favorite low cut blouses and shirts and make them office appropriate in seconds.

Here is the commercial:

You can get Cami Secret from the Official site, and according to the site you can get a set of 6 for $10 on their ‘As Seen on TV’ promotion!

I asked my wife about this, and her thought was that it was rather silly, as you’re trading the hassles of a full undershirt for the hassles of a ‘bib’ that is likely to slip and move and potential end up coming out of your shirt! Besides, she said, she is always cold and her office is generally cold so she actually appreciates layering.
The question I have – is this something that has a real future or is it going to be something we laugh at in a few years like the dickie?

Cami Secret Is Your Safeguard Against Woody Allen!

Which was wonderfully worn by the character Kent in Real Genius … meaning that even by 1985 it was seen as ‘dork-wear’!

Cami Secret Is Your Safeguard Against Woody Allen!

What are your thoughts? Is this something you might seriously consider, or yet another ridiculous TV ad that will be laughed at … if it isn’t already?

Source: Consumerist

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  1. I had a rash a month ago or so. Ends up it’s likely caused by a virus, but they don’t know and there is no cure, but since it just fades away and never comes back there was no need to do anything.

    The red spots all over my torso were not high on my list to show off and there is no way I would have worn a tanktop while the rash was ongoing.

    Any woman that doesn’t want unwanted attention knows how to dress. Woman wear clothes based on comfort more than ever and I have never found a short shirt to be more comfortable than a slightly longer one that doesn’t expose my belly button.

    Additionally there has been a big push to comfort clothing and any woman can put on a soft sweater gym suit like you see Jlo wearing.

    If cleavage is showing it is 100% the woman’s fault.

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