Rocketeer for iPhone/Touch Review

Rocketeer for iPhone/Touch Review

The last two weeks, I reviewed apps that were kind of off beat and different from the usual Blue Plate Special choices.  As I searched and scraped apps this week, I ended up returning to a familiar genre.  I have the biggest game of our season to date so things are a little stressed.  Getting a minute to escape is important to keep my insanity, so I was continually drawn to finding more games.  I stumbled across an interesting game that is currently on sale for free!  I recommend picking it up quickly if you plan on trying it out.  Rocketeer is an extreme physics puzzler game which has proven to be both enjoyable and unique.

Rocketeer for iPhone/Touch Review

The goal of the game is to send spacemen across the univers to the portal on the other side of the screen.  These crazy little guys are riding through space on small rockets shot from the mother ship.  To shoot them, simply touch the screen and the rocket will shoot to the cross hairs.  As the rocket flies, a variety of planets and other items will affect the flight pattern.  This is where the puzzle feature comes in.  The items on the screen are used to guide the rockets across space while trying to arrive safely in the vortex without exploding or shooting off forever into deep space.


* Extreme physics puzzler
* Strategically launch Rocketeer’s into space to get them home safely
* Many challenging puzzle objects to help guide your Rocketeers
* Many hazards your Rocketeers must avoid
* Challenging addictive gamplay
* Easy to learn, hard to master
* 80 levels to launch into!
* Progressive gameplay unlocking more and more objects to use and avoid
* Stunning 2D and 3D graphics

Rocketeer for iPhone/Touch Review

When shooting the rockets, placement is everything.  The further away from the mother ship the target is shot, the faster the rocket will fly.  This is important when dealing with the varying gravity pull of the different types of planets.  If the rocket misses the target and shoots off into the depths of space, the previous target site will still be visible to help you adjust the next shot.  Luckily, the game starts off pretty simple with one planet at a time in various positions to get you used to the effect each will have on the rocket.  As the levels advance, they slowly become more difficult adding multiple planets and other items.  Basically, the gravity of each planet is what you use to control the flight of the rockets.

Rocketeer for iPhone/Touch Review

Each planet is a little different and will require some learning curve.  The small green planets have the smallest amount of gravitational pull and will vary the flight path slightly.  The medium yellow planet kicks up the gravity slightly more and will be much different to deal with than the green planets.  The mega red planet will flat out suck your rocket right in.  These planets require some serious speed in order to fly past them.  The pink planet has reverse gravity and will push the rocket away throwing yet another kink in the flight plan.  Two more planets are found that do not have a gravitational pull.  The expanding planet changes size and calls for special timing when shooting the rocket while the force field planet will allow the rockets to bounce off of their atmosphere.  Having this many planets really raises the difficulty as the levels advance.

Rocketeer for iPhone/Touch Review

As if the numerous planets are not enough, plenty of portals and other items will show up in levels that need to be avoided and used to finish each level.  In fact, the levels get pretty crazy and require some extensive planning to complete.  With 80 levels, Rocketeer will provide hours of unique, addictive game play.  If you are at all interested in playing the game, I highly recommend going here in the app store and downloading for free.

What I like: Unique addictive game play with varying levels of difficulty.  The game is fun!

What could be improved: I always like challenging games that have power ups and add on items to help complete the difficult levels.

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