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XtremeMac makes a host of accessories for Apple’s various products. They have been, and will continue to, roll out accessories for the iPhone 4. We have a few early examples to share with you over the next few days so let’s jump in with the first one… the XtremeMac TuffWrap for iPhone 4.

The TuffWrap is a simple, form-fitting case for the iPhone 4 which, at an MSRP of $19.99 is an affordable way to protect the delicate device.


From XtremeMac-

Protect your iPhone in style. Tuffwrap is a durable silicone case available in a variety of the latest colors. The form-fitting material shields your iPhone to protect from damage. Tuffwrap TM provides ultimate protection without adding bulk and includes a Tuffshield screen protector to keep the screen free from scratches, dirt and dust.



High-quality silicone protects from scratches and dings

Full access to switches, jacks, camera and flash

Durable, ultra-thin construction

Includes Tuffshield screen protector

Available in Black, Blue, Pink, and Yellow


As you can see, the review sample we were sent is a bright blue. I tend to prefer black but the bright color actually grew on me while I was using it last week. I tend not to be a fan of simple silicon cases but I was quite impressed with the degree of protection such a simple, and inexpensive, case offered.


It also offers great value since, for an MSRP of under $20 you get the case AND a screen shield. I have one of XtremeMac’s screen shields on my iPhone 4 now (Larry yelled at me the other day for having such a bubbled screen shield on my phone) and it is a pleasure to use. It went on flawlessly and, once in place, is invisible. The fact that the company throws in a screen protector with a budget case is a huge plus in my eyes.


Here’s my iPhone in the case with one of my favorite site apps running…


Here’s another look… 🙂

As you can see, the silicon rises just enough over the edge of the iPhone’s screen that the iPhone will not fall out. It also gives the device protection if you lay it face down on the desk.


The sides have small indentations which help you keep a grip on the device. Those indentations, combined with the slightly soft, slightly textured feel of the material ensure that you can keep hold of the device regardless of what you are doing.


On top the sleep/awake button is covered but easy to find, the headphone jack and mic hole is open.


The mute control is open and accessible but it will come as little surprise that it is a bit more difficult to access since it is surrounded by case material. The volume buttons are covered but clearly indicated. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated Apple putting silver metal indicators for the volume controls on their bumper until now. The difference between the blue buttons on thie case and the silver ones on the bumper is night and day. Still, while I don’t think they look particularly good they ARE completely functional.


On the bottom the cutouts for the dock connector etc. are precise.


The back of the case is simple. You will find a cutout for the camera and flash, a decorative band of slightly indented material and the XtremeMac logo embossed in the corner. There’s nothing special here but, at the same time, there is nothing problematic either. It is simple and functional.

And that is really the bottom line for this case. It comes in four different colors, protects the iPhone quite nicely, has all the required cutouts and it is priced well. It isn’t exciting but it doesn’t have any major flaws either. If you are looking for simple, inexpensive protection for your iPhone 4 it is worth a look.

The XtremeMac TuffWrap is available directly from XtremeMac.

MSRP: $19.99

What I Like: Good price point, completely protects back, sides, top and bottom, has the proper cutous; includes screen protection

What Needs Improvement: buttons “bump-outs” look a bit cheap

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