Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

Some of my favorite movies over the years have been movies like Spies Like Us, WarGames, True Lies, Under Siege and the 007 Movies.  In some of those movies, you’d see the hero or the antagonist slam a case on the counter and unlock it, flip open some heavy-duty double throw latches and open up a watertight, dust proof container and get a computer or some other equipment out.  These are the images that came to mind as I opened Pelican’s 1015 Laptop Overnight Case or the 1015 LOC.

Pelican is synonymous with robust and strong cases of all sorts for storing and transporting delicate equipment.  Now they have brought something out that is a little more practical for the common airline passenger.  The 1015 LOC looks like a small footlocker or a smaller version of what you may see used by our armed forces use.  There really isn’t much difference between the two except the size and the interior of the LOC.

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

First, before you even open up the 1015 LOC, you will notice how robust the latches are.  The latches are double throw latches.  That is, it goes through two stages while you are flipping them open.  They are also incredibly durable and well-built.  These are the same latches that they use on every other Pelican case.

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

Near the latches is the automatic pressure equalization valve.  This keeps the air pressure in the case equal and preventing the case from being hard to open due to the varying air pressure.  The valve is made such that it can keep the air pressure equal, but will not let any water in through it.

The padlock holes are super thick and reinforced with stainless steel around each side of the hole.  A thief will have to work extremely hard to break into this case.

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

The hinge on the opposite side are the most robust I have ever seen.  They won’t fall apart and likely will be extremely hard to break into if someone stole your case.  There is no chance that this hinge will bust open if you slam it directly into the concrete or other luggage.

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

After you open the case, around its edge you will see the rubber seals that keep water and dust out of this case.  While I am sure I won’t make it to a desert any time soon, I do see me using this for those times where I want the extra protection from rain and water.  The clothes and your laptop will both remain dry and dust free.

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

Inside the lid, you will see a sleeve and a pocket that are velcroed to the lid.  The sleeve for holding your laptop also has a strap that goes around it to keep it from flopping around in the case when you are on the move.  These pockets are both soft and will not scratch whatever is in them.

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

The main section has a removable container for your clothes.  This container can fit all you may need for a typical overnight trip.  I bet I could live out of this for my typical 3-4 day trip to a conference.

Review: Pelican 1015 Laptop Overnight Case

After you have everything packed, there is a handle located near the latches as well as a the top of the case when it is resting on its wheels.  There’s also a handle that pulls up so you can wheel the LOC just like a wheeled suitcase.

About the only con I can see with this case is that it is on the heavy side.  The empty case itself ways about 16 lbs without anything in it!  Adding your laptop and some clothes will probably up that even more.  Just be aware of this before you order this case.  If you have problems with your upper arms, then you may not be able to lift this into the overhead.  Also, because of it’s side, you won’t likely be able to fit this in the overhead on smaller planes like the Embraer ERJ-145 which are common on short runs from Port Columbus.  However, you could check this case and feel confident that your laptop will be ok.  Still, I would probably check it at the gate.

If you need a strong over night case that will outlast your laptop, the Pelican 1015 LOC is your case.  There is no other case that will fit a laptop and your clothes and keep them all safe even if you have to check your laptop.  You can get the Pelican 1015 LOC on for $239.89.

MSRP: $379.95

What I liked: Super solid construction.  Probably the most bomb proof laptop case I’ve ever seen.

What needs improvement: I hate to put this here, but it’s weight is a little much, but then again you can probably drive a Hummer over this case and everything will be fine.  It seems, to me, that they might be able to lighten it up just a bit, but if they can’t that is ok by me!


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