Review: The All In One Nest Case for iPod Touch & iPhone

There are plenty of solutions out there for propping your iPhone or iPod Touch up when it comes time to watch a video. Or how about when you want to use your iPhone or iPod as your bed side alarm clock? Yep, plenty of things for that too. However, most of these come in the form of a stand and that makes for one more item which you’ve got to store in your gear bag or tote around in your pocket. The Nest Case solves this problem by incorporating a stand, which allows for your iDevice to be displayed in either the portrait or landscape position, into a formfitting slider style case.

Currently the Nest Case is available for the iPhone 3G/3Gs and the iPod Touch 2G with plans for an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G version coming soon.

The cases are two piece, slider style which easily slip onto the back of your device. Each contains all the cutouts you might expect for a protective case. They are currently available in three color variations, white, black and red.

Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 1.29.59 PM.png




When it comes times to utilize the stand functionality of the case you’ll have a few choices.

In the landscape orientation you simply remove the case and place your device into it’s groves.


In portrait mode you can choose between a 55 degree view by placing your device with the bottom half of the case attached into the curves slots.



Or for a steeper portrait position, a 70 degree angle is achieved by simply placing your device into the secondary cutout of the case.



Whether you’re on a long distance flight, in a hotel room and in need of an alarm clock or just at home at your desk a stand for your iPhone or iPod always comes in handy. Watching videos, reading e-mail or simply browsing Twitter are all tasks done easily when you and your iPhone are in a good ergonomic position. A stand does just that, placing your device upright at arms reach. iDevice stands are a dime a dozen but if you don’t have one with your they aren’t worth much. Using the Nest Case insures that your stand will always be wherever your iDevice goes.

The Nest Case is available for $24.95 directly from the manufacturer.

M.S.R.P. – $24.95

What I like – Combines stand and case in one package.

What I don’t like – Slider style case cause some screen shields to bubble.

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