Chargerito Is the World’s Smallest Portable Charger

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Chargerito Is the World's Smallest Portable Charger Listen to this article

The one thing that you always wish you had with you when you don’t is a charge for your mobile device. Well now there’s a remedy to your problems.

Enter the Chargerito, which is a successful self-made campaign now in full production after crowd-funding over $90,000 from its backers. The world’s smallest mobile charger, it fits easily on your keychain, and essentially charges your device whenever you need it to.


Now I’ve seen some portable chargers before, but none quite like this. Not only will it allow you to plug your device into a wall and charge your smartphone, but after stress tests performed by the company, you can also charge up your tablet as well.


With prongs that fold out to show you either a micro-USB or an Apple Lightning charger, at $26 for either model, your device will easily be able to sit upright using the top outlet in your home (I would use the top, but it’s up to you).

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4


You can preorder the Chargerito now for $26, which is a deal as the price of the small charger will go up to $39 once it’s available to purchase.

For more information check out Chargerito’s site.

Chargerito Crowd Funding from Chargerito on Vimeo.

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