Relive Your First Love with a Classic Car Shelf

Relive Your First Love with a Classic Car Shelf

My first car, the one that I actually picked out and paid for on my own, was NOT a 1969 Corvette. It was a 1981 Toyota Celica Supra, back when they were still Celica Supras. It had a sunroof which leaked when it rained, and it was the most god-awful maroon. It didn’t matter; I loved that car. Evidently the Celica Supra wasn’t a cool enough (or American enough) car to be made available as one of the Classic Car Shelf Collection from Gadgets & Gear, but I suppose I’m not really surprised. Because the others that have been replicated are just so cool, I’m not going to take it personally. 😉

Whether it be racing, trucking, in the city or on the open road, few brands, if any, represent the greatness of the American car quite like these do. GM, Dodge, Shelby were, and still are, a pioneer in sports cars, muscle cars, family cars, pickup trucks and racing cars, constantly working to make their automobiles faster, stronger, sturdier and more versatile. We all know how important cars are to the American tradition. Think of how many guys fell in love with their first car; a feeling that never really completely goes away. Our car wall shelves is a replica of the front end of a classic automobile, ready to be mounted on a wall proudly for a garage, or game room. It has a sheet of tempered glass resting upon it for storage or display of your other sources of pride and joy.

True car enthusiasts dream of getting back their first car, – now they can with these accurate 3-D wall shelf recreations which appear to burst from the wall. Why not start with the 3D Dukes of Hazard 69 Dodge Charger wall shelf model bursting from wall, trying to make a getaway from Boss Hogg?
  • Authentic Classic Car Replicas from the most popular cars from multiple eras
  • Perfect for Game Room, Man Cave or Garage
  • Sculpted Resin & Tempered Glass – 20.75″ x 7″ x 8″
  • Hangs on  wall with hooks on back
  • Display collectibles or tools

At approximately 21″ wide x 7″ tall, these shelves aren’t so huge that they will take up an entire wall; they are small enough that if you bought a few of them they would look great grouped together … perhaps holding your classic PDA collection on their tempered glass shelf surfaces. 😉

Gadgets & Gears Classic Car Shelf Collection

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