Corning Gorilla Glass: Not Just For Smartphones Anymore!

Corning Gorilla Glass: Not Just For Smartphones Anymore!

Corning’s Gorilla Glass has become the industry standard in just a few short years for an obvious reason: people don’t like their phones to shatter. While the glass isn’t completely indestructible, it has shown an unprecedented ability to resist scratches and breaks in normal use.

The list of devices using the glass is impressive, and that is with some (ahem) well known users left off the list. Here is just a sampling:

Handheld Devices

* Dell: Aero, Streak, Venue Pro
* LG: LG Mini, Arena TV, Ophone, Ally, Optimus 7
* NEC: docomo PRIME series N-02B
* Samsung: Behold II, Captivate, Continuum, Epic 4G, Fascinate, Flight II, Galaxy A, Galaxy S,
Mesmerize, S8500 WAVE, Trance, Transform, Ultra TOUCH S8300, Vibrant
* SK Telesys: Rain Phone, Reaction Phone

Personal Computing Devices

* Acer: Aspire 5943G, Aspire 8943G
* LG: X300
* Motion Computing: F5v, C5v, J3500
* Samsung: Galaxy Tab

For anyone who ever watched one of the videos or saw the images of expensive TV screens getting destroyed when the Wii first came out, the thought of something stronger being used to protect the massive and expensive HDTVs we all have been buying up seems obvious. But the ability to translate the technology used for small screen into something usable in the ultra-thin, ultra-uniform HUGE TV glass panels hasn’t existed … until NOW! Now Sony and Corning are announcing that Gorilla Glass is being used in Sony’s BRAVIA® Line of LCD TVs.

From the press release:

The 0.7 mm Corning Gorilla Glass will be designed into Sony’s BRAVIA line of 40-inch and larger televisions. Using this very thin, yet durable, cover glass will help further evolve BRAVIA’s monolithic design, enabling a thinner and more elegant style of television.

“With its monolithic design, Sony BRAVIA is getting a lot of attention for its sophisticated styling and outstanding viewing experience,” said Toshifumi Okuda, Senior General Manager, Business Division No.1, Home Entertainment Business Group, Sony Corporation. “By using Corning Gorilla Glass, we have been able to achieve a design that is considerably more robust, very durable, and beautiful.”

“We’re excited to apply Corning’s unparalleled glass expertise to create new possibilities in technology and design,” said James P. Clappin, president of Corning Glass Technologies. “Makers of personal computers and handheld devices have already recognized the benefits of Corning Gorilla Glass and designed it into more than 280 product models. And now, Gorilla Glass’s unique combination of beauty and durability is enabling a fundamental breakthrough in TV design.”

As a thinner- and lighter-weight material than tempered soda-lime glass and polycarbonates, Corning Gorilla Glass supports the seamless full-glass fronts of the most sophisticated television designs. Because it is strengthened at the molecular level, its ability to resist damage creates a performance advantage over other cover materials.

“Corning’s Gorilla Glass is literally changing the face of television,” said John P. Bayne Jr., business director of Corning’s TV Cover Glass business. “Not only does it support the slim, sleek design trend, it also offers the optical clarity that delivers on the promise of high definition and 3D technologies.”

Corning anticipates that cover glass for LCD televisions could grow significantly in the future and, combined with Gorilla Glass sales for information technology and handheld devices, could generate a combined revenue opportunity of over $1 billion in the next several years.

Having some first-hand experience, I find the technology amazing … and look forward to the future as all of our devices, large and small, become more robust to our everyday lives!

Head on over to Corning’s Gorilla Glass for more info!

Source: BusinessWire

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