Lutron’s Caseta Wireless May Be the Solution Your Smart Home Needs


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Lighting control pioneer Lutron Electronics, seems to be on a mission to make a completely seamless experience in terms of advancement of lighting control as well as making your smart home more connected by announcing three new products.

Lutron's Caseta Wireless May Be the Solution Your Smart Home Needs

Showcased last week at CES in Las Vegas, Lutron announced their super affordable and easy-to-install Caséta Wireless system, professionally installed RadioRA 2, and their HomeWorks QS total home control system, three products that will drive the connected home industry forward and make home dwellers lives better. The highlight of the three however had to be the Caseta Wireless, which was well-received at the Vegas convention, and it’s compatibilities make it something everyone will want. Not only will the product now be compatible with Samsung SmartThings, but with: Nest Cam (both indoor and outdoor versions), Apple HomeKit, Logitech Pop Home Switch, Wink Hub 2, Hunter Fans, Sonos, ELV+ Dimmer, and obviously one of the biggest products of 2016, the Amazon Echo.

More specifically, if you have a Nest Cam, courtesy of the Caséta Wireless, the Nest Cam’s intelligent “Person Alerts” will work in unison with the Caséta to turn on or dim lights and other connected products when a person is detected by the Nest Indoor or Outdoor cam, giving you added security, as well as peace of mind when you pull into the driveway.


“Lutron is a unique smart home brand,” said Matt Swatsky, Senior Director of Caséta Wireless. “Our hardware is beautiful, our software is thoughtfully designed and easy to use, and our products are backed by superior quality and support, including Lutron’s 24/7 hotline. Lutron has maintained a strong focus on quality for 55 years, including 25+ years of experience in smart homes and smart buildings.”

Lutron's Caseta Wireless May Be the Solution Your Smart Home Needs

The light automation system made by Lutron, the Caséta Wireless easily integrates with your existing lights so there’s no hard-wiring which is perfect for users who do not own their property, or just want a simple, no-frills setup that will give you the ability to set the mood by dimming your lights as you see fit courtesy of Lutron’s free app store app.


For $99 you can get yourself a Caséta Wireless kit from, and Apple Stores, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, or directly from today.

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