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January 28, 2011 • Gear Bits

GD Quickie: Yurbuds Gets Another Convert…


I wanted to do a quick follow-up post on my post-CES piece on Yurbuds because the company just gained themselves a new fan.

The Yurbuds are special earbuds that stay in your ears during exercise and although they are priced below $50 sound like earbuds costing much much more.

So here is the thing, my wife Elana hates wearing ear buds. She finds them uncomfortable and, at times, even painful and hates them coming out all the time. As a result she won’t wear them. This poses a problem for her since she works out all the time and would love to be able to wear buds. So… I gave her the pair I got at CES to try. Seems I’m not getting them back. This was her email after using them the first time-

Used new “yurbuds” ironman series a few min ago. They’re great- barely have 2 put in ur ears, comfortable silicon, stay put tight (no pulling during w/o), L/R markings, high sound quality/quiet ambient, easy to remove (slight tug), light, simply “carry-case”, “findable” color. ” ‘Nuf said… Review done 🙂

As Elana wrote… “‘nuf said”. If you love earbuds these are worth a look. If you hate earbuds… These are worth a look.


You can check them out on the Yurbud web site.

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