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February 10, 2011 • Gear Bits

GD Quickie: It’s ALL in the Timing


Person A to Person B- “I want you to ask me two questions. The first is ‘What is your profession?’ and the second is “What’s the hardest thing about your job?'”

Person B to Person A- “OK. What is your profession?”

Person A to Person B- “I’m a blogging comedian.” And without waiting for the second question continues, “Timing!”

Okay, so maybe the joke doesn’t translate to written text all that well but the truth is, often times, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. And no one seems to do the timing thing better than Apple. CES 2010 was filled with chatter about the iPad even though Apple wasn’t there and the iPad had yet to be announced. And now, just as true Android tablets are poised for release, albeit at high prices, Apple has done it again.

A report from the Wall Street Journal has confirmed what we know about iPad 2, thinner, lighter, and a videoconferencing camera.  Perhaps more newsworthy, the WSJ reports it has now gone into production. The WSJ wouldn’t publish such definitive information if they didn’t have a good, reliable source for the news and the only good, reliable source for news on unreleased Apple products is… Apple. So it isn’t a stretch to understand what happened here. Apple went to the WSJ and gave them the information Apple wanted out there. The key information is “the iPad 2 is in production”. But why? Why leak some pretty specific details when they haven’t even scheduled the media gathering to announce it? Larry Dignan over on ZDNet has a pretty good answer. That answer-

Add it up and the Apple iPad production news is perfectly timed. Just as you’re about to ponder a rival tablet, there’s a great reason to hold out a few weeks—the iPad 2. Couple the prices of Android tablets, which are generally too expensive, and the potential of a better iPad on deck and I’m willing to bet more than a few consumers will hold out for Apple’s latest dream device.

For some timing may be the hardest part of a job but Apple makes it look simple.

3 Responses to " GD Quickie: It’s ALL in the Timing "

  1. One rumor I’ve heard/read is that the iPad 2 *won’t* have the Retina display technology, which simultaneously pleases and surprises me. Lighter, thinner, and a video-conferencing camera are good, but I was really going to have a hard time not upgrading with that snazzy display. Now it’s easier for me to wait one more year. I think.

  2. Haesslich says:

    Douglas: Ditto. The iPad is a great netbook replacement which does about 80% of what I’d be doing in transit (reading, browsing, etc)… and this possible lack of a killer display is enough to help me sit back and enjoy the device I have for what it is. Without getting into the upgrade cycle of despair; it’s sounding less like the difference between the iPod Touch 1G and 2G than between the iPod Touch 3G and 4G (adding a camera, but otherwise no REALLY big performance differences). I’m not sure how much lighter and thinner it could get and still have a decent battery – so if its battery life is worse… well, that makes the extra year seem more worth my while.

  3. Daniel Chow says:

    GD Quickie: It’s ALL in the Timing #android

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