The Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve Review


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The Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve Review Listen to this article

The Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve Review

Uncomplicated good looks, even contrasting stitching, and leather which will only get more beautiful over time as it is used … these are what you’ll get when you purchase an iPhone leather sleeve from Aligata. Don’t be fooled by the name, though; the iPhone Leather Sleeve will also fit other similarly sized phones and devices.

Because he knows how much I like this combination, Tom from Aligata sent me a nude beauty sleeve with yellow stitching. This particular type leather usually comes with white stitching, but for a fee (and a little bit of prior-to-ordering discussion) you can specify other thread colors. There are also four other types of leather available if the idea of naked leather — and the way it can tell stories about your treatment of it from day one — concerns you.

The Aligata sleeve measures 3.2″ wide x 4.74″ tall, and because of the nature of leather, over time it will begin to mold itself to the device held. You may specify whether you want the sleeve to come with or without the Aligata name embossed, and you can see what it looks like by clicking here; my sleeve came without the logo.

The Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve Review

Everything about this sleeve is understated, but that doesn’t mean that the sleeve slacks in any way. The leather edges of the case act as a buffer to protect the iPhone from bumps and dings if dropped. A half-round cutout at the bottom serves not only to make device extraction simple (by pushing the phone up from the bottom), but also to make it possible to sync and charge the iPhone when it is in the sleeve.

The Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve Review

I’ve mentioned before that Aligata’s nude beauty leather makes me wish I knew something about hand-tooling; all that naked space seems to be just begging for some kind of adornment … or not. Over time all this naked leather will acquire a lovely patina, eventually turning a honey color before it eventually settles into a chocolate brown. But we’re talking years from now.

The Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve Review

As the years go by, owners of the Aligata nude beauty iPhone sleeve will get to enjoy a case that is simple, yet lovely; one that protects their similarly-sized devices as they come and go, while it only continues to grow more lovely with use. Because make no mistake about it — the Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve will likely last much longer than any device you might have it protecting.

The Aligata iPhone Leather Sleeve is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $24.90; add $9.99 for custom color stitching as shown.
This leather case comes with 3 years warranty for all leather parts and threading.

What I Like: Beautiful leather with contrasting stitching; available in five different types of leather; custom stitching colors are available; you may select whether or not you want the Aligata embossed branding; sleeve allows charging and syncing while holding the iPhone (or other device); sleeve is protective and will work with many similarly-sized devices

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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