Your Favorite Geek May Be a “Geeks of the Week” Trading Card

Your Favorite Geek May Be a "Geeks of the Week" Trading Card

Oh, this is so totally cool! Think Geek is now offering the first of 52 “Geek of the Week” trading cards! The cards are broken into sets of eight — I guess because doing sets of seven didn’t look symmetrical enough(?), but anyway!

Seriously! How can you resist Veronica Belmont dressed as a warrior princess?

In 2010, illustrator Len Peralta set upon a challenge: interview 52 members of the geek-elite, and use that newfound familiarity to create likenesses of them. Each geek would be depicted in iconic representations that best reflected their style and personality. His medium of choice: trading cards, naturally.

Each geek is a leader in their respective industries: art, movies, music, computers, science. They are, each of them, greater geeks than many of us can ever aspire to be – paragons of delicious nerdiness so incredible, a simple drawing of them simply wouldn’t do. For example: The geek-rock god Jonathan Coulton wasn’t drawn with a guitar and a microphone. He was depicted with a machete and a decapitated zombie head. Booya.

In a bargaining agreement that involved weeks of begging, hundreds of emails, and a two-man Unicorn costume for Paul and Storm, ThinkGeek has brokered the exclusive rights to print and sell Len Peralta’s Geek A Week Trading Cards!!

Each set contains eight full color two-sided trading cards with a beautiful piece of artwork on one side, and a micro biography complete with a list of stats super powers for each geek on the other. Now you can collect every geek… every week… in 8 card increments. In fact, why not get two packs so you can have one sealed up in mint condition, and one more to open and enjoy. Come on, you know you want to.

It will be fun to see who the featured geeks will be, so keep your eye on Think Geek!

Think Geek’s Geek of the Week Trading Cards are $9.99 a set.

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