GD Quickie: Adventures in iPad Adoption; Retail Edition

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Last week Elana was at the Short Hills Mall with her friend Melissa. They went to look for something at Restoration Hardware and found that their salesperson was walking around with his MacBook. He was, quite effectively she added, using it to show customers pictures of additional products as well as various material options for some items.

Well apparently this method is already old school. This morning Elana was listening to CBS 880AM radio and heard a report that some Nordstrom and Burberry stores are already experimenting with giving employees iPads so they can they can walk around the store and show products that are not-yet-available to customers.

No big surprise considering that many restaurants are already using iPad’s instead of printed menus. And just last week I noticed that my Apple Store had done away with the large iMac they had been using on a central table for express checkout. No surprise that it was replaced by an iPad!

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  1. At the Apple stores both iin the Bay Area and Austin, there is always 1-2 people with iPads doing check-ins and other things (inventory, e.g.) with iPads, while everyone else is equipped with modified iPod Touches to take payments. And at the AT&T stores in the bay area, the “welcome” person is armed with an iPad as well.

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