GD Quickie: Sansa Fuze+ Firmware Update Makes the Fuze+ Usable!

GD Quickie: Sansa Fuze+ Firmware Update Makes the Fuze+ Usable!

A while back I reviewed the Sansa Fuze+ from Sandisk.  Back then, the way the player was locked would wreak havoc with it.  You would lock it and then the heat of your body would unlock it even when it wasn’t moving all that much in my pocket.

Well, Sandisk has released an update to their firmware that changes the lock function and moves it from holding the play button in to lock to pressing in the power button on the top.  To unlock, you just tap the power button which takes a lot more effort to do and now it is not prone to unlocking while it’s floating around a pocket.  This simple change makes the Fuze+ a much better device!

I am still boggled that this was missed in the initial implementation, but I am glad that it is fixed now.  Now I can definitely change my recommendation.  If you were a fan of  the Sansa Fuze and want to upgrade, go and get the Fuze+!

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