Review: Audio Transmitter Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod

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Review: Audio Transmitter Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod Listen to this article

Review: Audio Transmitter Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Both of our vehicles are a bit older and don’t come with the newest audio gadgets. When I travel, I usually plug into the aux jack of either my wife’s or my stereo to listen to my geek podcasts. Of course, while we drive, I use the opportunity to charge my iPhone. So, basically, I have a car charger plugged into the iPhone port in the bottom of the phone and an audio cord plugged into the headphone jack. The audio is great and the phone stays charged but there is a few problems with this set up. First, to there are two cords plugged into the phone one on the top and one on the bottom. It is easy to get the wires tangled and difficult to change tracks or use the phone. Another problem, which I hate the most is the fact that the audio cord must be unplugged when a call is coming in. So, there I sit in the driver seat with a couple of wires wrapped around my phone, I receive a call and have to unwrap it, unplug the audio and answer the call all while trying to drive down the highway.

Review: Audio Transmitter Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod

I know there are many options to free up these problems while listening to audio from my phone, but those can be expensive and require new hardware that must be installed. Trust me, I would prefer to have an awesome system that allows me to listen and answer calls wirelessly, but that is not in the cards right now. I also need a solution that can be used in more than one vehicle. How about if I add cheap to my list of musts. Luckily, the folks at USBFever have thought of all of these requirements and have introduced a product that does all of this cheaply and mobile.

Review: Audio Transmitter Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod

The simple audio transmitter cable works with iPhones, iPads and iPods and can be used just about anywhere charging and audio are both being used. I have chosen to use mine while driving and can say, the solution has become my main cable that goes in every vehicle with me. Remember, this is just the USB cable, so an auto USB charging solution will also be required. Not only do I have only one cord connected to my phone making it easier to move around and use, I can answer a call without unplugging. The cable is designed to not affect phone usage. When a call comes in, the audio fades and you are able to pick up your phone and answer the call without changing any settings or unplugging any cords. When the phone call is ended, the audio is brought back up. If you are in the same boat as me looking for a cheap alternative to one of the fancy new iPhone set ups, check out the Audio transmitter here at the USBFever website.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Audio Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod

MSRP: $8.99

What I like: I can now use one cable when charging and listening to audio in my vehicle without affecting phone use.

What could be impoved: Nothing yet, this product is cheap and does exactly what it claims to do.

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