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This falls under the heading of “Now why didn’t I think of that?”. I stumbled across something called the Handy Band yesterday and kind of wish I had come up with it. The Handy Band is a magnetic wristband that will result in “no more searching for dropped screws, nails, nuts or bolts!”

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The Magnetic Wrist Band: Introducing the HandyBand, the amazing magnetic wrist band that keeps small metal objects right where you want them. The HandyBand’s unique magnetic circuitry makes any job easier. No more searching for dropped screws, nuts or bolts. Every HandyBand is made by hand to ensure quality and durability.
Works Perfectly for:

• Home Improvements

• Auto & Equipment Repair

• Hobbies & Crafts

• Product Assembly

• Applications are Endless

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The HandyBand is a black wristband with a series of narrow magnets embedded into it. Elastic between each of the magnets keeps the wristband relatively small in circumference initially but easily expandable to fit around any size wrist. The magnets grab onto nuts bolts and assorted other items so you no longer need to crawl on the ground looking for the screws that fell on the floor.

You MUST check out the promo video of it! I mean… Can’t you just hear this same voice saying, “Now how much would YOU expect to pay for this? $50? $25? $15? Well order today and you can get the HandyBand for just one easy payment of $12.99!”

(Actually through this link you can get one for just $7.50. [affiliate link]

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More information can be found here.

What I Like: Simple and useful

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. It is simple, useful, does what it promises and is inexpensive

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