iWatchz Straps Make Mom’s iPod Nano a Fashionable Watch

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iWatchz Straps Make Mom's iPod Nano a Fashionable Watch Listen to this article

iWatchz Straps Make Mom's iPod Nano a Fashionable Watch

One of the coolest things about the 6th generation Apple iPod nano is how it can be attached to a strap, transforming it into a watch with benefits. Dan has covered many of the available straps here previously, but these by iWatchz look so fun and colorful that they are worth mentioning for anyone who is looking for a colorful Mother’s Day surprise, a gift for a grad, or simply a cool way to wear their own nano. iWatchz is introducing their new alligator print Timepiece Collection and the Carbon Collection, but I still think their colored rubber ones are the cutest.

With prices from $24.99 to $89.99, iWatchz has a strap for every budget. =)

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iWatchz Straps Make Mom's iPod Nano a Fashionable Watch

New Mother’s Day Gift Idea Transforms Her iPod nano® Into the Perfect Jewelry Gift

The iWatchz iPod nano® watch strap collections make the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea, turning her iPod nano into a luxury watch so she can keep track of time and her favorite tunes while on the go.

April 25, 2011 – Just in time for Mother’s Day, iWatchz has introduced two new iPod nano watch strap collections, Carbon and Timepiece. The new collections join the popular iWatchz Q Collection, featured in the Apple Mother’s Day Gift Guide, on the shelves of North American Apple stores.

The iWatchz iPod nano watch strap is a unique Mother’s Day gift idea that transforms her iPod nano into a stylish watch with three simple steps: Press, Slide, Click.  For busy moms on the go, this is the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry gift that can move with her, letting her keep track of time and her favorite tunes no matter where life takes her.

The Q Collection brings together ease of use and chic design with silicone bands available in eight colors: black, red, white, grey, pink, blue, green and orange.  The Carbon collection features a stylish black leather wrist strap with a carbon fiber look paired with a black anodized aluminum iWatchz clip system.  The Timepiece collection is sleek and fashionable, pairing a luxurious leather wrist strap with a beautiful, polished stainless-steel iWatchz clip system.  For extra comfort and durability, the Timepiece band is completed with a high quality stainless-steel deployment buckle.

All three iWatchz iPod nano watch strap collections are available for purchase on www.iWatchz.com, but to get the Carbon or Timepiece in time for Mother’s Day, please visit a local North American Apple Store.


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