‘Hats’ Off to the Newly Married Royal Couple!

'Hats' Off to the Newly Married Royal Couple!

The media is super-saturated with coverage of the royal wedding, so I have no intent of spending any time on it. But as my wife and I drank coffee and watched the wedding – we normally watch the morning news, but the wedding was on pretty much every channel – we noted all of the wild hats.

I couldn’t help but notice that next to the princess who reminded me of Monica Lewinski was another princess who was wearing a hat that looked like a combination of a wreath and a huge ribbon, but solid and attached to something that only covered a fraction of her head! How that stayed on I have no idea!

And to keep in the spirit, here is a beautiful picture of the royal couple.

'Hats' Off to the Newly Married Royal Couple!

Head here for more pictures of Princess Beatrice and her amazing hat …or here for a bunch of crazy hat pictures from the royal wedding!

*Note: I am neither advocating nor making fun of hats or those who wear hats. This is not intended as a commentary or advocacy of the British hat-wearing ‘lifestyle’ or ‘agenda’, or anything else for that matter. It is a picture of a pretty young woman in a hat.

Source: Buzzfeed

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