Crackle (multiple devices) Review

Crackle (multiple devices) Review

There seems to be another new ‘streaming video’ site popping up every week, but the mantra is all-too familiar: too little content that you want to watch, or just as likely plenty of content but it is just the same stuff you can get on every other site. Enter Crackle, the streaming video site cooked up by the folks at Sony Pictures. Is it any better? Let’s look and see!

The Hype:
Crackle is the place to experience pure entertainment: full-length movies, TV shows, and original series from genres that embody cool — all uncut, uncensored, and unbelievably free. We’ve had enough of “disposable entertainment” that is as relevant as a laughing/dancing baby — we are here to watch and talk about the videos that really matter.

Crackle is one of the fastest growing entertainment destinations today, featuring only the genres you love — comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, horror — anywhere you are. We know the Internet is a big place, so Crackle’s vast distribution network ensures that you have access to Crackle everywhere: on your favorite video site, your television and your mobile device.

The Reality:

Because it is powered by Sony, Crackle has access to a massive library of movies and TV shows, and has done a good job of providing a compelling set of movies. My family has watched ’21’, which is just three years old! I’ve watched other movies and TV shows and clips on the service – and there is a great mix of genres and new and classic films.

But most importantly it is all free – heck, I was watching stuff for a while before I even bothered creating an account, which is only required for R-rated content and making comments. All you have to do is watch some ads – one about every ten minutes of viewing.

The video quality is also very good whether you are watching on Roku, iPad, Android phone or computer. The only restriction I have run into is that on my Mac I prefer Chrome for browsing but the site specifies Internet Explorer. So I was surprised when I forgot that and launched an episode of Barney Miller – and it worked fine!

When you watch a movie, you can add it to a queue, share your viewing online, or shop for it on iTunes. Not only that, but the site keeps track of your viewing – so when I picked back up to watch Ghostbusters after a few weeks the app knew where I was and picked back up immediately.

One of the links is called ‘Crackle Everywhere’ … and that is pretty much true. We have watched full-length movies on our Roku, I have watched clips on my Android phone, and Ghostbusters and full episodes of Sanford & Son on my iPad. They also stream over Verizon FiOS, Google TV, Sony Bravia, PS3, TiVo, Boxee, and many more.

Interestingly, my only complaint has to do with the advertisements. Not that we have to watch them every ten minutes – that is very much a fair trade for great videos – but that during a 2+ hour movie we saw exactly ONE commercial … FIFTEEN TIMES!

But aside from that, there isn’t a single issue – I have watched a bunch of videos at high quality, and my family has put that above the anemic Amazon Prime Videos to check out possible movies to watch. If you haven’t grabbed it yet – it is all free, and the apps are small and efficient. Definitely give it a try!

Where to Get: Crackle Home Page

Price: Free download

What I Like: Good selection; great video quality; watch on just about anything; perfect price!

What Needs Improvement: Same commercial over and over

Source: Personal Download

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