Analog Game Review: IcoSoKu

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Analog Game Review: IcoSoKu Listen to this article

Analog Game Review: IcoSoKu

It seems like almost everything many of us use today is digital or electronic. I do not read books from paper anymore or play card games with physical cards. Almost any type of game or activity can be replicated with our digital devices. Puzzle games and brainteasers are some of my favorite time wasters and I have many on my iPhone. What about actual physical games? You remember, the puzzles you actually hold in your hand and move to solve. I recently tried IcoSoKu from Recent Toys to challenge my mind and bring me back to the days of analog gaming. Let’s take a look.

Analog Game Review: IcoSoKu

IcoSoKu is a mathematical puzzle game game that requires hands on play to solve. There are yellow circles with numbers on them and a bunch of triangles. The object of the game is to line up the triangles so that all of the colored dots add up to the number that it touches. With three points of contact for each triangle, finding the correct lineup to finish the entire puzzle is challenging.

Analog Game Review: IcoSoKu

Game play itself is not difficult, but solving the puzzle successfully is another story. To play the game, take all of the number buttons and triangles off of the ball. Randomly place the number buttons back onto the ball. Now, arrange the triangles back onto the ball where all of the dots touching the numbers add up. Sounds pretty easy, but placing all 20 triangles back in the correct spots will take some math skill and careful planning. The game is made of strong plastic and has nice heft. It is a quality product that does not feel like it could break easily. The triangles and buttons fit well in their positions and remain in place while the game is being played. It would be quite annoying if they would fall off while trying to solve and losing their places.

Analog Game Review: IcoSoKu

IcoSoKu is fun to play. Since you can pull off all of the buttons and replace them anywhere on the ball, there is virtually thousands of puzzle possibilities. At first, it will seem simple as you place the triangles on the ball and match several numbers. As the game progresses, you will discover that none of the available triangles work in the needed spaces and they must be adjusted to keep the game going. Your brain will have to work to finish the entire ball. If you want to find a fun brainteaser that will not require battery power or a touch screen, but can provide hours of fun and challenge, check out IcoSoKu. It might be refreshing to turn all of your devices off and use your hands.


MSRP: $19.99 from Amazon

What I like: It was kind of fun playing a game that required thought as well as hands on play. The puzzle is always challenging.

What could be improved: I always seem to have a few triangle tiles in the wrong spot just before I think the puzzle is over!

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