Using YouTube to Fight a Traffic Ticket!

Using YouTube to Fight a Traffic Ticket!

If you’ve been to New York City recently (or many major cities, actually), you may have noticed they’ve started offering bike lanes, a move that is supposed to alleviate traffic and be safer for riders, drivers, and pedestrians. Of course, that’s all in theory, as one peeved cyclist has demonstrated in a very awesome video.

Apparently, he was ticketed for not riding in the bicycle lane, despite his protests that nothing was being done about the cars, trucks, and construction equipment blocking it. Rather than just write a letter, he created a video showing what his ride would be like if he slavishly followed the officer’s instructions. I have no idea how he managed to film this without breaking every bone in his body, but it’s a fun video!


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1 Comment on "Using YouTube to Fight a Traffic Ticket!"

  1. I don’t have a comment about the legality of what he was doing since I live in the country and much prefer a slower paced life.

    What’s most interesting to me about this videos are the dozens of pedestrians and automobiles that can be viewed making use of the pavement, whether in motion or stationary, but there’s only one biker out there.

    It’s a creative and funny way to make a point. I enjoyed watching him crash into stuff. On one hand, he comes off as a jerk with his rude language to the officer while the officer is being completely courteous and not flipping out over being videotaped like some officers do. On the other hand, he has a good sense of humor about the whole issue. Some bikers come off as self-righteous about all they’re doing to help the environment and go out of their way to impede the flow of traffic, but I wonder how understanding they’d be if I was in their bike path riding a pogo stick or a tricycle.

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