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Last night the folks at Monster Cable were kind enough to invite Gear Diary to a special event held in San Antonio at the amazing Bjorn’s store. Monster brought in the legendary members of Earth Wind & Fire for a meet and greet with a special announcement: Verdine, Phillip and Ralph are celebrating 40 years of making music together as the band, and they have teamed up with Monster for a special product coming out soon.

The band members were interviewed by Bjorn about their history and the formation of the band. It was a great experience to listen to the guys talk about how they met and how Earth Wind and Fire came to be forty years ago. They all turn 60 this year, but they look at least twenty years younger. Their love of family, dedication to their craft and healthy living have allowed the band to stand the test of time, making music for people to dance to for four decades. It is truly amazing for a music group to celebrate this kind of longevity.

Earth Wind and Fire has entered a partnership with Monster to develop their own model of in-ear headphones. The in-ear loud speakers will be called “Gratitude”, and they should be available around August. Monster prides itself on helping create superior audio through its cables and headphones, and they are looking to continue that tradition with the release of the Gratitude headphones. The product will retail around $229, which falls into the category of high-end headphones. Every detail is being painstakingly designed including their fit and style.

Unlike many products endorsed by celebrities, the Gratitude headphones have been designed by Monster with Earth Wind & Fire working hand in hand. All steps of development have been carefully reviewed and accepted to their high standards. The band members conveyed their joy in the quality of the final product. Through the use of new technology, Monster will be able to bring out the clarity in the sound of the intricate layers of music. The band is proud of their detailed recordings and want the listening experience to be the sound that they recorded and intended to be heard. They were adamant that all aspects of their music be heard clearly with every listen. The guys are picky about the listening experience and have worked through the entire process making sure the frequency response is balanced and perfect. The Gratitude look to be a high quality audio experience.

Stay tuned for more information and details on the Gratitude by Monster and Earth Wind and Fire. We will release more info as it becomes available.

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