Monster Airlink Elements: Jewelry in Your Ear, Jewelry You Can Hear

Among the many headphones and wireless speakers that we saw at Monster’s CES booth, was a small display with three pairs of truly wireless in-ear headphones. They were all similar in style, but one set was aimed towards work-outs. The other two sets were what we were eyeing, though; one look at the Monster Airlink Elements, and we were smitten.

SuperStar Monster Blaster High Performance Portable Bluetooth BoomBox

In my younger years, I was one of those people who walked around with a huge rectangular boombox. In fact, it was a boombox blasting Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes that became the soundtrack for my teen tour of Israel when I was 15. Well, the Boombox is back in a Monster-ful way, thanks to the Monster SuperStar Blaster!

The Monster Limited Edition 24K Rose Gold Over-Ear DJ Headphones Review

I never thought I’d be recommending a pair of rose gold-colored headphones, but here’s the deal: while the Monster Limited Edition 24K Rose Gold Over-Ear DJ Headphones may look like a Mardi Gras parade gone off the rails, they sound pretty darn good. Introverts and people who tend to avoid attention need read no further, obviously.

Monster Gets Back to Gaming, Announces Partnership

Well known for their high-quality headphones, Monster announced late at E3 that they would be joining forces with Johnathan “Fatal1ty’ Wendel. Wendel is the founder of Fatal1ty Gaming Gear and is well-known as a 12x world champion gamer, something that I wish I could say.

Monster Superstar Backfloat Portable Speaker Swims with You!

If you like to keep your music close while swimming or taking a bath, then you’ll want the Monster Superstar Backfloat. It’s a high quality portable speaker that’s waterproof and small enough to never forget!   The Superstar Backfloat Portable Speaker features: • Designed to float in the water • Tough, durable, shock-proof shell for active lifestyles • Built-in mic with advanced noise cancellation enables clear wireless hands-free calling Includes USB charging cable to play direct USB audio • Acoustically transparent protective carry pouch included … and you can get yours for $159.99. Here’s Shaquille O’Neill showing why he likes his…

Monster Mobile PowerCard Turbo Portable External Battery

Monster Mobile describes their PowerCard Turbo external battery as “The Universal Smartphone Charger.” And while I’m not sure I would call it “THE” universal smartphones charger, it certainly holds its own thanks to its small size and built-in 3350mAh battery.

Monster 24k Over-Ear Headphones Review

The other day we reviewed the Adidas Original by Monster Headphones; I was impressed with both the comfort and the sound they offer. They are, however pricey. The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones make a statement and are even pricier, but they also sound great, and they offer superb comfort. Let’s take a look and then give the review sample away!

Adidas Originals by Monster Over-Ear Headphones Give Sound to Your Workout

When I first saw the adidas Originals by Monster Over-Ear Headphones I thought it was all about the branding. After all, these are Monster Headphones that sport Monster AND adidas logos. As such these headphones are all about style right? How comfortable could they possibly be? How good could they actually sound? The answers actually surprised me!

A New Monster EZ1XL Steam Jet Sweeps Clean

The Monster EZ1XL Steam Jet floor cleaner depends on two key equations. 1.) Kids/pets + carpet/hardwood floors = dirt. 2.) Dirt + steam = no dirt. Or (dirt x 0), mathematically speaking. Besides having the coolest Jetsons-sounding product name ever, does the Monster really make the math work? Read along as we run it through its paces to find out.

Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker is Small, Colorful and Impressive

Monster Products (aka Monster Headphones) make an assortment of fashionable headphones that actually sound great. The company now offers a number of speakers. The Monster Superstar High Definition Bluetooth Speaker is one such offering. It is a small, colorful speaker that actually sounds surprisingly good. Currently available for under $130, it lets you take Monster Music on the go.

Monster M7 Tablet Review: Possibly the Best $99 Option

Monster, best known for their high quality headphones and cord products, has entered the budget tablet market with the M7 7″ Tablet. The M7 is currently available exclusively through Walmart. It’s MSRP is $149 but is on sale for $99.99. At just under $100, can Monster provide a worthy tablet in a flooded market?

Monster iSport Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Review: Giving You Freedom to Move

There are a number of decent options for listening to music while working out. However, the choice quickly becomes limited if you want wireless sport headphones. Similarly, on-ear headphones are few and far between. Fortunately, Monster’s iSport Freedom on-ear Bluetooth headphones are good enough that you won’t want to go hunting for other options.

Monster Expands Over-Ear Headphone Line with New Monster DNA PRO

Monster’s on-ear Monster DNA headphones impressed us. Now the company has expanded the line. The new Monster DNA PRO on-ear headphones have the DNA line’s distinctive triangular-shaped ear cups and include Monster’s next generation Pure Monster Sound. Monster DNA PRO on-ear headphones are available only at Best Buy in “White Tuxedo” and “Matte Black” for $299.95.

A Monster of a Tablet for Under $150 Comes to

Monster, best known for their headphone lineup, just jumped into the low-price tablet market. The Monster M7 tablet will be available exclusively at for just $149. The M10 tablet will come later this fall. Available in a variety of colors, the M7 is optimized for sound and actually has some decent specs for the price. Check it out. The Monster M7 tablet has a unique non-skid surface. It comes in eight custom “candy” colors that match the Monster N-Tune headphone line. You can choose from Candy Blueberry, Candy Tangerine Orange, Candy Grape Purple, Candy Apple Red, Candy Lime Green, Cotton Candy…

On-Ear Headphone Shootout – Which Wins for Comfort and Sound?

  Dan and I are taking advantage of our time together at GearFest, our annual editors’ gathering, by doing a blind test of which on-ear headphones we think feel and sounded the best. What we have available to try are four different pairs of headphones that Dan had reviewed — the BlueAnt EMBRACE Stereo Headphones ($199.99), the Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones ($249), the Phiaton PS300 NC Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones ($299), and the Monster Tuxedo DNA Headphones ($229.95). I was the first guinea pig in the chair. The rules were no peeking, and not to touch the headphones other than for minor adjustments. You can…

Monster iSport Freedom Bluetooth Headphones are The Perfect Wireless Workout Companion

While in New York for a CE Week event last week, I had a chance to spend some time at the Monster headphones booth. While there, I saw the Monster Inspiration Active Noise-Canceling Headphones which Judie had reviewed and loved. (Read the review.) The White Tuxedo Monster DNA Headphones I reviewed were also on display. (Read my review.) There were also a pair of strikingly bright headphones that caught my eye; these were the upcoming iSport Freedom headphones. The iSport Freedom headphones are Monster’s first-ever on-ear wireless headphones. The iSport Freedom headphones are water-resistant, anti-microbial and sweat proof. Inside the…

Monster Diamond Tears Headphones Bring Bling to Your Ears

BLING! That’s the only way to describe the Monster Diamond Tears Edge Headphones. These fashion headphones stand out thanks to their crystal encrusted ear cups and music control. The sharp edges of the headphones immediately remind you of the facets on diamonds, and the transparent crystalline look of the Clear Diamond review sample we were sent (they also come in black) catches light and makes the appearance even more striking. Clearly targeted to a female audience, the Diamond Tears Edge headphones make as loud a fashion statement as you are going to find. There is no doubt what Monster was…