iPad 2 Case/Accessory Review: Joby gorillamobile Yogi


Back in February we reviewed Joby’s gorilla mobile Yogi for iPad 1. It is one of the most flexible and functional cases ever and is the case that is on my iPad 1 the majority of the time. I was happy to see Joby release an updated version for the iPad 2, and I liked the original version so much that I ordered the new one as soon as I could.

The case came the other day, and I am loving it. Because the iPad 2 is thinner than its predecessor, the new Yogi feels even better in the hand when used without the legs. And when the legs are attached the iPad can be set at pretty much any angle you like. It is truly the most versatile case/stand I have used.

IMG 4548

From Joby:

Stretching your iPad 2 with infinite poses

Flexible legs propped up the iPad on lap or secured to uneven surfaces

Stability and versatile positioning for crisp photos and steady video

Adjustable viewing angle in portrait or landscape orientation

Modular clip design with removable legs for easy storage on the go

Durable polycarbonate protective case with rubber bumper

IMG 4549

The case adds just 5.2 ounces to the iPad. The legs add another 3.9 ounces. That isn’t bad, especially since this case is more for propping the iPad on a surface or hanging it from something. Yes, the Yogi is strong enough that I actually trust it to hold my iPad in the air.

IMG 4550

The shell is once again a hybrid design. It is mostly hard plastic, but there is soft rubber along the edges and covering for framing the buttons and cutouts. This makes it comfortable to hold and use, and it helps ensure that the iPad stays in place.

IMG 4551

From the front you really cannot tell it is there.

IMG 4555

This is the real key to this case. The modular legs are infinitely flexible while, at the same time, they are tight enough to stay in whatever position you like. That means you aren’t limited to just two or three (or even fifteen) angles and can find the exact angle which is most comfortable for your viewing or typing.

IMG 4556

And, of course, the Yogi can hold the iPad 2 in either landscape or portrait orientation.

In my opinion the Yogi for iPad 1 was pretty much perfectly executed. It did exactly as promised. In my original review of the Yogi for iPad 1 I wrote, “if my previous experience with the products holds true here it will work just as well in six months as it does out of the box”. Well, five months later I can honestly say that after months of heavy use it still works perfectly. The Yogi for iPad 2 smartly keeps the same design but updates the case/shell so it works with the redesigned iPad.

There isn’t much else to say except that Joby also dropped the price. The Yogi for iPad 1 had an MSRP of $49.95. The version for iPad 2 has an MSRP of just $39.95, and it is already on Amazon.

You can get details here.

MSRP: $39.95 (You can order here through our Amazon Affiliate Store.)

What I like: The case is nice on its own; when used in conjunction with the legs the possibilities for where and how you can use your iPad increase significantly; works with both landscape and portrait

What Needs Improvement: Like the Yogi for iPad  1 this product delivers exactly what it promises and then some; I wish there were some way to use a Smart Cover or smart Cover-like screen protector with it; I would love to see a version of it that offers just the shell, so that those of us with the original Yogi don’t need to buy a full kit.

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