Juno Power Konnect Two 9000 External Battery Has Power to Spare

Lesson 1: External batteries are a must-have item when traveling. Even if it just for a day.

Lesson 2: Pay attention to lesson 1.

Each time I disregard Lessons 1 and 2 I have issues. Most recently I DID have an external battery, but it was too small for my needs. The Juno Power Konnect Two 9000 External Battery isn’t.

The battery has two ports- a 5V 1Amp port and a 5V 2.1Amp port so it can charge two devices at once. It will serve up over 50 hours of extra time if you are still on the iPhone 5S. Best of all, it is under $50!

Juno Power Konnect Two 9000 External Battery

This powerful external battery comes in fairly nondescript packaging. That’s fine by me, since this is all about function and not being electronically dead in the water.

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And while the battery is inexpensive it isn’t cheap. Juno Power uses lithium polymer battery cells that allow for a thinner and lighter design in the construction of the Juno Power Konnect Two 9000 External Battery. More specifically, they use original Samsung Lithium Ion cells and are more than happy to point out that this means their batteries are of a higher quality than the generic lithium-ion cells used by some other companies. We can’t attest to the quality issues, but we can affirm that this large-capacity battery is surprisingly small and light.


The white and gray case that protects the battery and internal electronics isn’t fancy but it certainly looks and feels substantial. The microUSB charging port is on one of the small ends of the battery. The included USB to microUSB cable makes it easy to charge the battery from your laptop or using a wall adapter (not included.) The long side of the battery has the two USB ports, the power button and a thin slot that houses LED power indicators. (I initially thought it was an SD slot.)

I really love the fact that the battery is compact AND simple to use.

Features of the Juno Power Konnect Two 9000 External Battery:
  • two is better than one: Why choose which beloved device you want to charge first, when you can power them both up at once? The Konnect Two is equipped with not one, but two USB outlets, so that you keep both devices at your side while powering them up.
  • powerful: Charge smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras, just practically anything requiring 5 Volts. Use it on your weekend trip, keep it for emergencies, or just carry daily for those power hungry devices. Konnect Two has enough juice for hours of extended power.
  • illuminate: The Konnect Two, on top of having dual high speed USB ports, has a built in high-powered LED flashlight. We specifically designed the LED bulb to shine through a set of optical lens, increasing the power of the light while increasing battery life. Fire up this torch and illuminate your paths.

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I really love the fact that the battery also includes a bright torch on one end. I know this feature is now common but it still makes a great deal of sense and means I have one less thing to carry. Since I use my smartphone as a flashlight I rarely use these external battery flashlights but it is still nice to have.

In all, the Juno Power Konnect Two 9000 is a great liitle/big battery. It is small in size but huge in power. And it comes in at under $45 if you [Affiliate Link] Buy It Here on Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample Juno Power Konnect Two 9000 External Battery

What I Like: Small; Solid; Packs a punch; Chargers a phone and a tablet simultaneously; Includes a flashlight

What Needs Improvement: No carry bag included with the battery

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