New Sleek, Functional Designs From Tablet-Case Creator ‘Solid Gray’

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I probably won’t be the first to admit that we don’t need anymore tablet or phone cases. There are already thousands of competitive products available in this category, many of them priced very reasonably. Walking into Best Buy, Verizon, or even Five Below becomes a sensory assault of competing, well-designed cases. As you know, the editors here at Gear Diary are prepared to handpick the best and most interesting products for inclusion on the site. So check out the latest from Netherlands-based design firm Solid Gray.

New Sleek, Functional Designs From Tablet-Case Creator 'Solid Gray'

While the studio’s earlier productions focused on creating unique, functional backpacks, it’s newest creation is an iPad-only tablet case. You’ll notice from the images above and below that sleek design and ergonomics were of extreme importance to the designers. The case is meant to carry on a philosophy of ‘working-comfort on the fly,’ and it looks to be excelling in that field. The result is an interesting fusion of plastic and origami, basically a single, folding sheet of material that encompasses your device.

Strong clasps keep your iPad locked in place, but don’t hamper the usability of the tablet. You can fold and adjust the case to match any working style, and a micro-fiber wipe is stored inside to keep the screen spotless. A resilient plastic is used to keep your precious baby from any bangs and bruises. This makes for a dynamic, mobile case.

New Sleek, Functional Designs From Tablet-Case Creator 'Solid Gray'

Want to see it in action? Check out these videos on the clasp and folding mechanisms below:

Looking to buy? The piece will run you about $58 dollars. All cases are available for purchase at the Solid Gray website.

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