HEX Vision Metal Watch Band for iPod nano Gen 6 Review


We’ve looked at a number of different offerings that help turn your iPod nano into a wrist watch. Some of those “nano-bands” include the iWatchz, the Speck TimeToRock and the TikToc, a product that emerged from the KickStarter product incubator. All of them serve the same function- they turn the diminutive MP3 player into a watch. All work well enough but none can match the style and class of HEX’s Vision Metal Watch Band for iPod nano Gen 6. With all metal construction and a strong clasp, the Vision stands out as a quality way to wear your nano.

Here’s a look-

IMG 4540

From Hex:

In a world of sameness, we reach for something new and different. But when we dig our hands into that big bowl of promise, what do we bring out? More of the same. What a buzzkill. But your friends at Hex have got your back. Here’s the new vision for the future of watches. A sophisticated, all stainless steel watchband for your nano gen6. With sick “clip in clip out” functionality and classic timepiece looks, the new Vision metal watchband is hard! And it’s only from Hex.

IMG 4529

The HEX Vision ships in packaging that is reminiscent of what you would expect from a mid-range metal watch. A square box opens to reveal the band wrapped around a piece of foam. A dummy nano faceplate immediately gives you an idea of what the band-nano combination will look like.

IMG 4530

Where the actual watch would be on a classic metal watch you will find a specially designed plate that takes advantage of the nano’s built-in clip. (Rumor has it the next generation nano will drop the clip. DON’T DO IT STEVE!!)

IMG 4533

The nano clip passes through the larger of the two holes and then clicks into the smaller of the two. It is a system that holds the nano in place in a remarkably sturdy manner. In fact, I can only see two ways the nano and band will be separated. Either you consciously remove the nano or the nano’s clip is torn off. The former can be done in a second but takes a conscious effort. The latter is highly unlikely thanks to the strength of the clip.

IMG 4534

Once the nano and the band are together they create a seamless unit that fits together perfectly. You can still see the Apple logo on the back and the nano clip’s plate ensures that nothing jagged sits on your wrist.

IMG 4531

The HEX Vision is the first “nano watch band” I have seen that uses a locking clasp rather than a tradition two piece band. It is a strong mechanism that will, no doubt, hold up well over time.

IMG 4536

As noted in HEX’s description of the band, both the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the dock connector remain fully accessible. I hope Apple adds Bluetooth to the next iteration of the nano but…

IMG 4538

…for now these ports are the only way to listen to the contents of the nano while you wear it.

IMG 4537

As you can see, it makes for a pretty nice wrist watch! And because Apple thought to include a changeable watch face you can make the background black or white.

IMG 4543

In all, the HEX Vision is the classiest nano-band I have seen. The stainless steel band is strong and looks good. No, it isn’t quite as refined as my stainless steel Movado Sport but, then again, from a price perspective that isn’t a fair comparison.

HEX includes additional links if your wrist is larger and the stock fit needs to be increased. You can also remove links if your wrist is smaller. Unfortunately links “can be added or removed by a reputable watch or jewelry store”. Now THAT’S inconvenient!

For me, the “nano-as-watch” is still more about the fun of wearing your nano than it is about having a practical watch made from the MP3 player. As such, the $69.95 price tag is a bit steep. If, however, you are serious about wanting to wear your nano and you like metal bands you can’t do much better than the HEX Vision. It is well designed and has the quality you would expect from a mid-range stainless steel watch.

The HEX vision is available in gunmetal or silver. You can find details on the Vision metal watch band, and all of HEX’s other offerings here on the company website.

MSRP: $69.95

What I Like: Looks good; excellent mechanism for securing the nano; strong, well-designed clasp; creates a seamless unit once the nano and band are put together

What Needs Improvement: It is suggested that adding or removing links be done at a watch or jewelry store; the jury is still out on the “nano-as-watch” concept and you may get some strange looks when wearing this (then again, for some that goes under the “What I Like” category


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