LG G2X Screen Bleeding Issues Continue; No More Returns Accepted at T-Mobile

LG G2X Screen Bleeding Issues Continue; No More Returns Accepted at T-Mobile

(If you aren’t familiar with the ongoing issues Francis has had with his G2X, be sure to see his initial explanation here: Original G2X Screen Bleed Article)

Last week I wrote up a quick post about sending in my G2X to T-Mobile due to excessive screen bleeding issues. After receiving a new phone, returning a phone, and two more chats with T-Mobile representatives I’m sitting here with the same phone I started out with. If you are unaware of the screen bleeding issues check out my post here, or pretty much any G2X forum anywhere on the web and you are bound to see what I’m talking about. After ordering a replacement and waiting for 5 days I got the package in the mail and was eager to bust it open and have all my problems solved. Knowing better, I popped it open,slapped in my battery, and hit the power switch only to see a worse amount of screen bleed on this one than the original one I called about.

Honestly this comes to no surprise, from what I have seen around the mobile discussion boards it’s obvious that LG has a problem with the manufacturing of these phones and has yet to address the issue. Remember, this was promised to me to be a “far better screen than the iPhone’s” when I spoke with LG at CES. Since they are the manufacturer of the iPhone’s legendary IPS screen, I assumed that he knew what he was talking about when he eagerly gave me this little snippet of intel. Let’s face it, this is T-Mobile’s powerhouse Tegra 2 flagship, and so far I have to admit this ship is sinking. Not all users experience the same amount of issues, but as a whole you can expect random reboots, random shutdowns, backlight screen bleeding, and pretty random battery life.

LG G2X Screen Bleeding Issues Continue; No More Returns Accepted at T-Mobile

Not a Happy Experience

I’m not really surprised that the new screen was as bad as the old, just surprised at how T-Mobile handled it when I contacted them. As a disclaimer I must tell you that I’m a big T-Mobile fan and in the past have boasted of their excellent rates and customer service. I have to admit this is the first time it came back to bite me a little. Basically from the last computer chat conversation I had with them, they would not be replacing my phone with another one. To be clear I had a phone, got a replacement, and sent back the replacement because it was worse than the original. Here is parts of the transcript.

Francis Scardino: Replacement phone has more screen bleeding that the original.
Francis Scardino: I’m not sure what the next step would be? Should I just expect to get another replacement sent?
TMO REP: Yes i can send you a replacement again
Francis Scardino: The phone I received on Friday will be sent back today.
TMO REP: Ok thanks
Francis Scardino: What would happen if this phone has the same issue? I don’t want to keep having you send me phones If the issue exists in all of them.
Francis Scardino: Is this problem known by T-Mobile and LG?

TMO REP: Give me 1 to 2 minutes to start the exchange
Francis Scardino: I am aware of the reboot issues also but am assuming those will be fixed when an update comes out. The hardware is mostly what I’m concerned with.
Francis Scardino: ok.
TMO REP: Can I have 1 to 2 minutes to look all this over
Francis Scardino: no problem, take your time.
TMO REP: I do regret this inconvenience. This is a known issue with this device
TMO REP: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?

Francis Scardino: Do you know if the manufacturer is planning on making right? Are customers just stuck with a poorly built phone?
TMO REP: Since this is a known issue all G2X would have the same issue.
TMO REP: LG is researching a permanent fix at this time.
TMO REP: Again at this time I will not be able to send out another device. Is there anything else?

So whats the deal? Am I just stuck with it? I really didn’t get too much else out of the rep except that LG is working on it, and there is nothing T-Mobile can do for me. Coming from T-Mobile Customer Service this was a shocker for me. Usually they are willing to throw in some alternative or at least help me feel at ease with some positive news after talking with them. This rep simply wanted me off the chat, and as soon as possible. Whether he is instructed to do so or not, that answer didn’t sit well with me. So I called back today and decided to talk to a representative on the phone instead of over computer chat. I was originally going to speak directly with a manager but the rep that answered had good positive tone and told me when she answered that it was a “great day” at T-Mobile. So I gave it a shot with her.

We’ll see how great of a day it is

She was indeed very easy to talk to and after I explained my situation she was sympathetic to my needs. I was not arrogant on the phone but came across firmly that I was upset and looking for some answers. After about 20 minutes she read me some information that had been posted for them to tell customers. Basically it said that T-Mobile has documented this problem and is now waiting on LG to come up with a permanent fix for the phone. Most likely (not confirmed) there will be some sort of exchange or credit for customers that are currently experiencing the light leakage problems. Although I still have the same phone I feel much better about the situation. This time around the rep sincerely sounded sympathetic and gave me a good explanation from their “secret” database of known issues.

All Eyes on LG

So now the ball is fully in LG’s court. T-Mobile is no longer taking returns for this phone. I’m not sure if all issues apply but certainly for those calling in with screen issues. The fact that this is now well documented, and known to all reaps,  I can only wonder what the “permanent fix” will be. I have no idea how many of these phones that T-Mobile sold but I can tell you that after a week-long poll I took on XDA about half who participated had no issues at all, and the other half have turned at least one phone in if not more. This can’t be good for the PR, QC, or Sales folks over at LG, especially since you might consider this phone a “breakout” Android phone for them. Not much has come out of LG before so it’s hard to say how they will respond, but as of now I am not aware of any official documentation or press information about this problem.

Hopefully something happens soon, this phone desperately needs a software update to fix an assortment of issues and now will have some sort of hardware exchange, repair, or credit given to those stricken with the faulty screens. For now, I’ll keep using my G2X and wait for the day when the Gingerbread software update is ready. I can live with the screen issue but now it’s almost about principle, a phone of this caliber should not suffer  from such issues since it’s made by a company that makes it money mainly on-screen technology. My faith is somewhat restored with T-Mobile after my positive discussion with today’s rep, and I will continue using them as my service provider. I’ll report back when we hear more about this fabled permanent fix.

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