You Suspected They Were the Same Movie … Here’s Proof!

You Suspected They Were the Same Movie ... Here's Proof!

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I previously looked at how unsurprisingly music from the same songwriting factories … gasp … sounds alike. But the music industry isn’t the only group pushing out me-too efforts with just enough star power and a low enough budget that even a modest box office take will generate decent profits.

Perhaps the worst thing is how these ’bouts of unoriginality’ tend to come in waves – there were buddy-cop movies in the early 90’s, remakes of 60’s TV in the late 90’s, generic RomComs in the early 2000s, and now we have a new twist: buddy romcoms which return to themes explored in much better movies like When Harry Met Sally and Casual Sex in the late 80’s.

The two movies – Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached – each star a beautiful young actress from Black Swan (Natalie ‘Amidala’ Portman and Mila ‘Meg’ Kunis) and two hot actors (Ashton ‘Dude Where’s My Car’ Kutcher and Justin ‘NSync’ Timberlake). They are romantically troubled best friends who just wish they could have sex without all of the hassles of a relationship … and without being slutty. Since their best friends are the opposite sex – problem solved! Until … well, until all the predictable stuff starts happening!

But make no mistake – they are the same movie just slightly tweaked. Need proof? Here is a great trailer mashup that details it all.

Supposedly these aren’t terrible movies and No Strings Attached is out on DVD now whereas Friends With Benefits hits theaters in a few weeks, so if you are intrigued I suppose you could easily choose which to watch based on which male/female lead you like better as an actor/actress and/or find more attractive. Or you could wait and rent them both and see if the events in the movies time-sync as well.

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  1. Michael Siebenaler | June 30, 2011 at 4:49 pm |

    Great stuff. The rivalry and so many other factors keep these competing projects going. Snow White is the recent one. 🙂 In the past, Bug’s Life vs. Antz, Deep Impact vs. Armageddon…

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