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Phones, mp3 players, laptops, cameras, hard drives, headphones. We all have so many gadgets that may have a splash of color or chrome, but basically are simply black, white or silver products that may not be exactly custom or a representation of the owner. For many, these plain, boring gadgets need something colorful and stylish to make them their own. It could be even better if these customizations could also provide some protection. MusicSkins allows users to decorate their products with musicians, cartoons, artwork or even their own photos while also protecting the devices. MusicSkins sent me a few of their offerings to check out recently. Let’s take a look. (As a side note, the MusicSkins I am using were randomly sent by the company. I did not choose these particular themes so please do not try to revoke my man card!)

MusicSkins are a removable, sticker-like protective coverings made to fit your favorite electronics. They are made from a patented 3M material that will not leave a residue on the gadgets. The skins are thin enough that most cases and docks can also be used while still protecting against scratches and scuffs. You can choose from hundreds of designs or upload your own to be printed in high-definition, making the device customized as well as protected.

The skins come packaged like a sticker on a page with a cardboard insert to prevent bending. To apply, peel the piece off and apply to the device. It is that simple. I was surprised at my success level since the installation process for clear protectors was on my mind. The 3M material is tough and resilient allowing me to recenter the pieces multiple times without losing stick or showing bubbles. Once the correct position was found, I simply smoothed out the skin, and it easily lay flat; it only took me seconds to install each skin.

The material is much thinner than I had imagined. Holding the glossy surface in the light reveals a waffled design which I suspect provides strength. While the MusicSkins will not protect from a drop, it will protect the device from the usual scratches a surface earns from constant carry and use. None of my cases were affected by the material, so full functionality remained with the skin installed.

Lets face it, the skins provide protection for devices, but the most important thing is that they make them look cool. The high-definition printing provides clear, crisp and colorful designs. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the images or design quality on the MusicSkins. Colors are rich and solid with a near photo detail quality . There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from for almost any device.

If musicians and other pop culture related designs are not your taste, choose your favorite photo or logo and make a custom skin. Choose your device, upload the image, add text if you choose, preview the design and purchase. Just five short steps to turn your boring old device into a truly customized piece of who you are. I was not able to obtain a custom skin so I cannot comment on the printing quality, but my opinion is that the same process is used as default designs so the quality will be just as good.

Since I will not have a True Blood iPod or a Taylor Swift iPhone, I discovered that peeling off the skin is simple and does not leave any residue. If you are careful, I think a skin could be used several times. There are nearly 200 device options for MusicSkins so make sure you check out the website. Even if your iPod or phone may not need to be customized, there is probably a device offered you never thought of adding skin. Matching backgrounds are available for download for those who need to show they are a super fan. Check out the designs and devices available here at the MusicSkin website. There is no excuse to complain about a device looking boring now.


MSRP: Prices vary according to device. Most range from $15-$30

What I like: Tough 3M material is thin enough to allow most cases and the printing quality is top-notch.

What could be improved: The iPhone 4 skin had a slight blemish in the cut.

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Travis Ehrlich
Travis is a high school teacher and coach in a small South Texas town. His love for gadgets began at a very early age, and he has been a cross between a jock and a geek for most of his life. He has two boys and a wonderful wife who lets him be a gadget freak. He is a Mac convert and has drank the whole pitcher of kool-aid! He is also an avid guitar player and loves the outdoors, especially hunting with both a bow and rifle.