Review: Nest Case For iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

Finding a case is like an ongoing quest and adventure for any device. I have come to enjoy cases that provide dual uses such as a battery or stand. It seems that case makers are continuing to combine functions for cases while still maintaining protection and style. I recently was able to try an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch case from Nest. The cases provide protection while also doubling as a hands free display stand. Let’s take a look.

The Nest cases are two piece slider style cases. The inside of the cases are lined with a soft felt that protects the back of the device as well as keep a snug fit. The bottom piece connects about a half inch above the home button and will allow the iPod or iPhone to utilize a dock easily.

The cases are made of a hard, smooth plastic and are available in black, white or pink. The plastic is thick enough to be durable and strong, but does not add too much bulk for my taste. It maintains the overall shape of the device and feels good in my hand. It did take me a few days to get used to the slick feel of the plastic, but that is a small issue. The face of the case provides a lip that will help protect from drops onto the screen. I used a friend’s iPod Touch to test the white case and had an issue with the case peeling up a clear screen protector. With care, I was able to install the case and I actually prefer not to use a screen protector when a case protects it with a raised lip.

The second function of the case is to be used as a hands free display stand. With all of the media possibilities available for IOS users, this feature always comes in handy. Unlike many similar cases that require a kick stand, the Nest cases have the stand built into the design of the case. The device will have to be removed from the case to set into the stand and can be displayed in either portrait or landscape views.

As you can see, the device fits nicely into the small slot built into the top portion of the case just above where the two pieces connect. The stand functions perfectly with or without the bottom portion connected, but I found it better to add the bottom piece so I did not lose it. I noticed that the viewing angle was slightly different between the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G but both were easily viewable.

I was skeptical of removing the device each time using the stand, but it only takes seconds to slide it out or into the case and was never actually much of an issue. In fact, my boys watched the final Space Shuttle launch while we were camping using the NASA app on my iPhone. As we crowded around the phone, quickly slipped it out and stood it up on the picnic table and watched the historical event. It worked perfectly in a pinch and was much better than trying to hold my phone so everyone could see.

The Nest case for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G provides durable protection coupled with a hands-free stand. As a case, I like the build and the feel and all of the buttons and connectors are easily accessed. The stand only provides one viewing angle, but the angel is useable in most situations. I love the fact that my device can be in a stand that does not require a leg or paddle to swing from the back of the case and when finished slips back into a pocket without added bulk or moving parts. If the use of a stand is common in your workflow or media consumption go take a look at the Nest cases here at their website.

Nest iPhone 4 and 4th Gen iPod Touch Case

MSRP: $24.95

What I like: No nonsense design and function. No moveable parts or legs to stand up device.

What could be improved: I would like a version with textured plastic. Just a personal preference.

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