Master & Dynamic Has Released a New Set of Earphones That You Need

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Master & Dynamic Has Released a New Set of Earphones That You Need Listen to this article

If you’re a fan of Master & Dynamic’s awesome headphones and are searching for a new pair, you’ll be happy to know that starting today their already popular ME05 earphones are available in a new color!


The ME05 earphones, which are already a pretty awesome pair of in-ear headphones previously available in brass and palladium, are available today in a new all black color. The headphones themselves are made of brass metal, which is known for its acoustic features, but the ME05 earphones feature so much more. Hosting 8mm neodymium drivers, your music will have a full rich sound to them. Hypebeast dubbed the ME05’s with “first class audio capabilities”. The earphones sport a sophisticated but ergonomic look and feel, which makes them comfortable to wear around for hours.

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Included in the box are two replacement sound filters, a polishing cloth, aluminum clothing clip, and a leather storage box for throwing in your bag when not in use. Master & Dynamic has made it known that their brand is obsessed with sound and creativity, with both their on-ear and in-ear headphones, and the same is the case with the ME05’s.

Available today for $199, you can actually purchase the ME05 headphones from today!

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