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July 28, 2011 • Gear Bits

More Cool Tech from the Beach- Apple TV Edition


We just spent a couple of nice days at a small boutique hotel on the Jersey Shore. As I mentioned the other day the Bungalow Hotel has a few neat pieces of tech at play. There’s the RFID room-key I mentioned the other day as well as their use of an HP Touchscreen All-In-One computer at the front desk. And there’s this…




The hotel information mentions that each room has a “DVD Library”. We checked in and found… no DVD’s. A closer look did reveal a movie “collection” but not in the manner we have all come to expect in a hotel. No, this “DVD Collection” comes via Cupertino.




Yes, if you look behind the flat panel TV in each room you’ll find they have hung the first version of the Apple TV. Each one is connected to the hotel account and let’s you pull up any of the movies or TV shows Apple has made available on iTunes.




Sure there are some downsides, the biggest is that you are limited to Apple’s selection of media. All in all however it is a pretty nifty way to bring movies and tv shows to a hotel room.

And if you are wondering, yes, they plan to update the service to the current Apple TV as each room’s device fails. You can check out the Bungalow Hotel here on their Web site. It isn’t for everyone but we sure liked it enough that we’ll be back before the summer ends.


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  1. David Min says:


    That looks awesome. Did they charge you for usage of the library? Or was it a courtesy? If they didn’t charge you for the service, I wonder if they somehow made a deal with Apple to lower the cost. I’d imagine someone could really rack up a bill!

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