Summer Tech: Qi-wear by iharmonix Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses


I’m someone who ALWAYS wears sunglasses when I am outside. I also always have my iPhone and am often either making calls or listening to music when I am out and about. As such the idea of sunglasses that can double as a Bluetooth headset for making calls or listening to music really appeals to me. There was something like that on the market a few years ago but by the time I went in search of them the line had been discontinued. That’s why I took note of the announcement of iharmonix’s Qi-wear Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses.

As the company explains,

Qi-wear by iharmonix has been engineered to perform under extreme conditions offering you maximum protection for both vision and hearing while allowing you to communicate via Bluetooth. Designed for outdoor use in loud environments, Qi-wear will deliver crystal clear noise reduced voice communication through its dual microphone technology. High performance balanced armature drivers deliver superior stereo sound while the Howard Leight SmartFit ear-tips block out hazardous unwanted noise. For those who require vision protection the eyewear come fully equipped with Uvex Genesis safety lenses in three shades (clear, gray, amber) and even offer a solution for prescription lenses. Qi-wear is perfect for work and recreational environments where protection and communication is essential.

The glasses feature dual microphones for ambient noise cancellation, 2.1 + EDR Bluetooth, Knowles balanced armature drivers, Howard Leigh SmartFit 300 ear-tips to provide up to 42dB of noise reduction, and 6 hours of continuous talk, 8 hours of continuous music, 7+ days standby. In addition, the glasses are water resistant and the lenses are coated with Ultra-Dura anti-scratch. The on-frame function controls let you control the music or call without having to take the glasses off.

Sure, this kind of functionality doesn’t come cheap and these will set you back $299.99.  Then again, that’s not outrageous for a good pair of polarized sunglasses that are simply sunglasses! With these you get excellent optics and a whole lot more. For details and ordering check out

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